6 Awesome Benefits of Choosing Psychology As Your Major in College

In CNBC article entitled “The 6 most popular college majors” psychology ranked 4th   as the most taken courses in USA. Similarly, in Princeton Review,  they included Psychology as one of the best college majors. And in my country, which is Philippines, psychology is one of the most taken courses by females, according to Commission on Higher Education.  So from the above information, why is it popular? What will the students get from this course? Below are the answers:


  1. It will give you a motivation to improve yourself

Here in my country people said that, the main reason people took psychology as their major in college is simply because they want to understand themselves better. We may or may not aware of it but it’s true because we knew that Psychology studies the reason behind people’s thought and behavior. Once we learned it and apply to ourselves, we may be able to improve what we want to improve in ourselves.  Let’s say, you learned that the reason you are disorganized is because you did not have a proper toilet training when you were a kid, and does by being aware of it, it gives you motivation to improve yourself.


  1. It will improve your interpersonal skills

I once read a facebook post that said, “You know too much psychology when you can’t get mad because you understand everyone’s reasons for doing everything.” And it’s true because again, psychology wants to understand people why they think and behave the way they do. And by gaining more knowledge about humans, you also learned how to communicate with them properly.

  1. You’ll learn how to face life’s challenges properly

Because there’s a lot of counseling techniques, each can help in different life’s problems. Also, what’s good in psychology it has endless trivia’s which helps you in your everyday life.

  1. You will be good in making thesis

We all know that all courses have thesis. But students in psychology will not that have a hard time doing it because they are used to do it. Why did I say it? I don’t know if you have similar experience but for me ever since first year college to fourth year college, I have experienced reading research articles and then critique it after. Then there’s experimental psychology subject where after doing experiment you have to put it on paper with a thesis format.  So, when thesis year came which is my senior year I did not find it hard to do thesis except when looking for a review of related literature which needs to be both local and foreign literature.

  1. You will not be fooled easily by the information shared to you

Nowadays, “fake news” is prevalent but when you choose psychology as your major, you will be learned how to assess if the information is true or not.  This can also apply to human relations, being a psychology major you learned not to become judgmental like when someone tells you that your boyfriend is cheating on you, you will not accept the information as true immediately, unless you see it for yourself.


  1. There are many careers to choose

In this course, you will not have a hard time looking for a job because psychology has so many fields of study such as Industrial, Clinical, Special Education, Guidance and Counseling.





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  1. Great list Mia! 🙂 You might also want to read one written by Monica in the psych2go community and exchange notes. You both bring up very interesting points!

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