6 Daily Habits That Can Make You A Better Person

Reflect on this time one year ago and today. Have you changed? Do you feel like you’ve become a better person than you once were?

As time passes, you may not realize how far you’ve come from the person you were just a short time ago. Even if these changes seem barely noticeable to you now, they’ve brought you the wisdom that turned you to who you are today.

Forming great habits can give you an even better push to the right direction. Follow these simple habits to make you a better person.

Be grateful for at least one thing every day

Reflect on the day and name at least one thing you’re grateful for. No matter how small!

Whether it’s a new promotion, meeting your friend, playing with your dog, or just waking up in the morning, there are many things to be grateful for. You can write down the things you’re grateful for in a journal, or dedicate a few minutes in the morning or night time to look back on those happy moments. A Clinical Psychology Review study suggests that there are many benefits from practicing gratefulness. These benefits include stress relief, improved sleep, and better social relationships. 

Practice Self-Care religiously

Do you make time to indulge in a warm bath? Or take care of your body?

Self-care is more than just pampering yourself. It’s also about making sure that your body and brain has enough energy and is healthy enough to make it past the day. You can practice self care as you go for a walk along the park or dedicate a few minutes of your time to rest or indulge in a few hobbies throughout the day. After you’ve given your best shot in school or work, or even with just finishing simple tasks at home, you absolutely deserve self-care.

Don’t Skip the Nutrients

Do you eat a balanced meal every day?

Getting older can lead you to become more prone to ailments and health issues. The way you eat during your younger years plays a role in how quickly you’ll develop these health problems. Your food intake doesn’t just affect your future self, but also you right now. A poor diet can make you feel tired and bloated, making it harder to make it through the day. So skip that second bag of chips, eating some fruits instead can do wonders for your health. 

Randomly Do Kind Things to People

Don’t you like the feeling of getting complimented out of the blue?

Studies by Otake show that happy people become more kind and helpful by doing kind acts to others – even if there’s no actual incentive to do so! Once you do that, you’ll notice a shift in your mood and feel a sense of contentment in knowing you make others feel happy. Even if the other person is a stranger, go ahead and compliment their dress or hairdo. Tell your friends you love them! This act can make you happy, and can make their day feel amazing as well.

Forgive yourself and others

Have you forgiven yourself for your past mistakes? Are you still on that journey?

Letting go of the past is no simple feat. The hurt, the betrayal, the agony of these moments of your life can leave long and lasting effects on you. According to licensed psychologist Catherine Jackson, harboring unforgiveness can breed these negative thoughts, which could greatly impact your daily mood. Letting go of these thoughts is not easy, but it’s possible. Reframing it positively (like saying “This minor setback can help me grow!”), surrounding yourself with a supportive crowd, and allowing the negative emotions to flow through you can all help you on the path to self-forgiveness.

Practice Deep Breath exercises

Are there times of the day where you feel like you have pent up energy?

Life can be more than a bit hectic at times. If you’re in the middle of experiencing these stressful moments, take some time off your day to practice deep breathing and meditative practices. A psychologist Roantree shows how to do it. If you want to try it out, feel free to go along.

First, inhale as you normally would. Then, slowly exhale, slower than the time you inhaled. Repeat the process; breathing in for 4 seconds, holding in your breath for 7 seconds, and releasing your breath for 8 seconds. 

Closing Thoughts

Have you learned from the habits above? 

Saying that you’ll do new habits is one thing, following through with them is another. Keep yourself accountable by creating small, achievable goals at first, then gradually take on bigger steps as you go along. Don’t forget to reward yourself, too. With all the effort you put into improving yourself, you definitely will deserve it.

That’s all for now, Psych2Goers!


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