6 Habits of Healthy Relationships


Have you ever wondered about the strategies to maintain a healthy relationship? What keeps an active and healthy interaction between you and someone? Here are 6 habits to keep a healthy relationship.

1) You appreciate each other

Having mutual respect and appreciation is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy relationship. For example, if your partner cooks for you most of the time, it is important to be thankful and appreciate the endeavor. With your encouragement, your partner not only knows you value your time together but also a motivation to offer the best help (Virgo, 2017).

2) You understand one another

There are some couples who think their partner does not know their needs, phrases such as, “You never know what I want, you changed.” or “You should know what I need.” In fact, partners are not mind-readers. They don’t necessarily know every single thing you need if you don’t communicate or understand each other well enough (Virgo, 2017).

3) You share skills with your loved one

We are good at different activities. For example, you may be good at cooking and your partner is an expert in gardening. When both of you share free time together, sometimes it is a great way to share skills and teach your partner about something that you are talented at. Or, if both of you have the interest to seek a new activity, it is not a bad way to explore it together (Mason, 2020).

4) You divide the housework

Similar to the previous point, we are good at different activities. One of you may be more experienced in cooking and the other one isn’t so much. Therefore, while one of you cooks, the other can always offer alternative help by washing the dishes or vacuum the floor. This helps with balancing the chores so that not just one person is doing all the labor (Virgo, 2017).

5) Both of you give personal space

Being in a relationship makes a lot of people think about intimacy. However, it is also important to realize the boundaries between you and your partner. Despite sharing and common connection, you and your partner need personal space as well. For example, how would you feel if your partner keeps clinging to you while you are busy working on a proposal on a laptop? It will be a bad outcome if your relationship fails to balance the time you spend with yourself and with your partner (Virgo, 2017).

6) You show affection physically

Finally, this is the one that may be the easiest for most of us to handle. A hug may seem irrelevant for some, but it certainly has its impacts by releasing oxytocin to help with the bond and love promotion between you and your partner. Who doesn’t want a warm cuddle from someone you adore (Mason, 2020)?


While this article does cover some of the main features of healthy relationships, it is normal that not everyone fulfills all of these points. It is also possible that there may be some methods out there that this article did not mention. Leave some comments if there is anything we did not discuss!


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