6 Habits That Will Damage Your Life

This article is for educational purposes and is based on personal opinions. This article is not a substitute for professional advice, but for general guidance. We advise you to always listen to your intuition and always do what is right for you.

How aware are you of the habits that you have? Habits are routines of behaviour that are repeated regularly and usually happen unconsciously (Jane, 2020). Because of the repetitive nature, and the tendency for people to show habits almost unconsciously, it’s very difficult for someone to know all the habits that they have.

Most of the times, people only become aware of their habits after someone else tells them. As such, there is a moderately high chance that you might have habits that are actually damaging your life without you being aware of them. To address this possibility, this article will be discussing 6 habits that will damage your life, with the main goal of providing information and helping you become more aware of habits that might unconsciously be affecting you.

You think too much about what others might think

How much priority do you give other people’s opinions when doing something? Taking feedback from others and knowing how to use this feedback to improve yourself is very important for both your professional and personal life. However, if you are trying to please everyone, you won’t get anywhere near your potential (PsychFacts, 2021). You might end up sacrificing things that you want just because someone else wants something different. It is very important that you know how to differentiate good and bad feedback in order to improve yourself continuously and efficiently. It is also very important that you know when to prioritise your own needs and wellbeing over what people might think.

Skipping breakfast

Do you tend to skip breakfast because you need to rush out to work? These two habits can have a very negative effect on your overall health. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day for a reason. Skipping it means that your body does not have enough energy to start the day and it can affect your blood sugar levels and slow down your metabolism (Jacobs, 2017).

It can also affect your mood and cognitive functions, which can heavily affect your professional and personal life (Raina, 2019). So, instead of sleeping those extra 10 minutes, try to get up even if you are sleepy and have a good breakfast. Your sleepiness will fade as soon as you get some nutrients into your body, and your body will have all it needs to perform optimally throughout the day.

You spend all day indoors

When was the last time you went outdoors? With the presence of a global pandemic and social isolation becoming the norm, a lot of people have recently found themselves getting used to staying indoors all day. However, if you let this become a habit of yours, it might have negative consequences and damage your life. Staying indoors all day can fuel anxiety and insomnia.

According to Kenneth Wright, director of the Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at University of Colorado, staying indoors all day will affect your sleep schedule, mood, appetite, and energy levels because of the lack of exposure to direct sunlight, which is known to regulate all of these (Heid, 2016). Additionally, going outdoors, even just for a short walk, can boost your happiness with a method that psychologists call the “adventure therapy” (Bright Side, 2020). Yes, circumstances are very different during this time, but if its safe to do so, try going outdoors for a short stroll. The benefits you get from this will be great for you!

Not exercising

How many times do you exercise during a week? With the development of technology and a lot of people spending hours and hours just browsing the internet, exercising has lost its standing in people’s priority list. So, if you have the habit of not exercising, it might be time that you reconsider your daily routine. Exercise is one of the best natural remedies to fight off inflammation, which is the main cause for a number of heart diseases. Additionally, exercising is known to boost mood because it promotes the release of endorphins in your body (Jacobs, 2017). It does not have to be one of those high intensity routines. Even just going for a 30-45 minute walk every day can make a huge difference and bring you great benefits.

Overusing painkillers

Are you someone who will depend on painkillers frequently? Of course, your own circumstances need to be heavily considered for this specific point. With the discovery of painkillers that can be bought at a relatively low price, people have started to depend a lot on these to deal with different illnesses.

However, medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin can increase your risk of developing ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, high blood pressure, and heart attacks (Jacobs, 2017). So, overusing these painkillers might actually be hurting you, rather than helping you. Try to stick to medicine that has been prescribed by a professional or enquire about different therapies that might help deal with pain.

Getting too many sunburns

Do you like the colour of your skin when you’re tanned? It does look great, healthy, and vibrant, but it might also lead to some over-exposure to sunlight. Constantly getting sunburns and over-exposing your skin to sunlight will make it age faster and make it lose elasticity (Jacobs, 2017). Additionally, it greatly increases the chance that you get skin cancer. If you have the chance to do so, try to always wear a high SPF sunscreen to protect yourself from all of these drawbacks. Although it sounds easy, not many people actually have the habit of putting sunscreen on before going out.

To conclude this article, if you have given it a thought and identified yourself with one, or more of the habits that I have mentioned in this article, then you might want to address them. Once again, different people will have different circumstances, so it’s still up to you to decide whether these habits are having a positive or negative impact on your life. What’s important is to raise awareness of the reasons why these habits might be damaging your life.


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