6 Reasons Behind Current Online Shopping


In this particular period, have you ever felt that you may have done way more online shopping than usual? Have you bought things more than you actually need? If you relate to that experience, you’re not alone, many of us have relied more on online shopping than physical shopping lately. The following 6 reasons may explain this phenomenon.

1) You don’t like social interaction

This is probably one of the main reasons that you choose to shop online. If you are interested in buying something, all you need to do is to click a few options on the website. To you, talking to the staff may sound uncomfortable and large crowds make you even more nervous especially at a time like this (Birchall & Cronkwright, 2020).

2) You look for convenient satisfaction

Since we spend so much time watching videos on the internet, certain channels may constantly give promo codes once they receive sponsorships. They may also advertise for some browser extensions to you so that you can receive instant discounts online. The promotions eventually cause you to look for greater deals on the internet as you shop for more products (Birchall & Cronkwright, 2020).

3) You don’t want to miss the opportunity

As we shop online, we usually notice the number of products left rather than the statistics of purchases. These descriptions are tempting us to purchase the product as soon as possible before they are out of stock. Most of us tend to add the product to the cart right away because we feel anxious about not getting something that we may or may not need (Kay, 2018).

4) Samples and rewards attract you

On some websites, you are likely to get a sample of face cream or shampoo after you spend a certain amount. This strategy draws your attention to visit their website more in the future so that you can buy even more products after you enjoyed the given samples from your previous purchase (Murphy, 2020).

5) Boredom drowns you

Many regions have limited the number of people in gathering groups. If you are someone who loves attending parties and going to bars, this restriction may drain you mentally for a long time. Since we stay more on the internet, you may find something that interests you or something entertaining as you browse (Iovine, 2020).

6) You view online shopping as a coping mechanism

Similar to the previous point, some people started to shop online as a coping mechanism. We always see so many upsetting cases in the news, some people may gain a sense that they are powerless to change the current global situation, but they can still have the ability to change things up within their own homes (Iovine, 2020).


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