6 Reasons Why You Should Bring Trekking Poles For Your Next Mountaineering Trip

Hiking can be challenging, let’s admit it. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, there are struggles along the way that no one would see coming. And even if you see them coming, you’d probably still need some aid.

That’s one reason why preparing for your next hiking trip should be a must. Depending on how extreme or light the trek would be, trekking poles should always be a part of your mountaineering trip. You’ll thank us later when you find out how helpful this piece of travel innovation can be.

We’ve come up with 6 reasons to tell you why hiking sticks should always be on your list of things to bring when going up the mountains.

1. Great for balance

Once you’re on your way to exploring a new mountain, set your expectations. 

There can be steep slopes that will test your balance. Aside from that, mountain pavements tend to be uneven, so finding your way to the top of the mountain can be a bit of a challenge.

You should be ready to conquer all of that with the right hiking stick for the trip. If you find one, you won’t have to worry about straining your ankles because you lost your balance at some tricky footing you encountered.

2. Use it as support

A heavy backpack is a staple when hiking. To be able to survive the entire trip without constantly complaining about how heavy your load is, a trekking pole is an answer. It can help keep you stable during long walks, without doing crazy damage on your posture.

An ultralight shelter is also a must. You don’t know when you’ll need to put up a temporary shelter so you have to be ready anytime. Your trekking poles will also come in handy during those times! If an emergency to stay for a couple more hours out in the trail arises, you can always use these poles to support your temporary camp.

3. It can boost speed

Since you have additional sturdy legs to balance out your strides, a hiking pole can also help you boost your speed.

Just as long as you find the perfect rhythm between your body and your pole, you won’t have to worry about not reaching your target duration. It will help you lengthen your strides thus letting you achieve more miles.

You should consider getting one for yourself as it is a good benefit for those who like to hike often.

4. Useful for injuries

Hiking sticks are considered to be your extra pair of legs when hiking. So if you, unfortunately, encountered an accident along the trail, whether minor or a major one, hiking poles can be of great help.

It can serve as a substitute for crutches when one of your legs is suffering from a serious injury. You won’t have to carry all the weight of your body and your bag all by yourself. You have your poles to help you continue with the trek, or at least to help you reach a station where you can get medical attention.

On the other hand, if in case you got yourself in a minor injury, you can still continue with your hike at least, as long as you have your trekking poles with you. Just mind your pace because it might cause more damage to the injury.

5. Helpful in burning more calories

While you may think that a hiking stick does all the effort for you, you’ll be surprised how many calories you burn when you use a pole.

Sure, it can help you deal with all the balancing stuff, but your arms are working out more. It requires more effort from your upper body so that means you’ve burned more calories and well, toned arms to brag about!

6. Perfect for keeping a good posture

We can’t avoid hunching when trekking for long hours. It can get tiring in the middle of the trail and it’s normal. But since we have our hiking sticks to help us carry our weight during the entire trip, we’re less likely to suffer from serious back pain.

Then again, it’s unavoidable to lean a little bit sometimes so to help you keep a good posture, bring a trekking pole with you. It can help you straighten your back during these times. You don’t want to cut the trip short because you weren’t able to maintain a good posture, therefore, causing serious strain to your muscles.


Finding the right hiking stick for you is a breeze. Just identify what kind of hiking trip you want to embark on and you’ll know what exactly to get. 

It wouldn’t hurt one bit to add a trekking pole on your list of things to bring when you go out to climb up a mountain. Remember that it’s more aid than an additional weight to carry.

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