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6 Relationship Tips for Introverts

Getting into a relationship is an exciting thought. It can be a scary one if you are an introvert. What is the feeling like for an introvert whose is seriously thinking of getting into his/her first relationship? It is more than just butterflies in the stomach. For an extrovert, the thought of getting into a relationship may be enthralling, but for an introvert, it’s more like an uncertainty mixed with hesitation. Introverts do desire to have a strong love relationship. Quite often they stumble at the uncertainty of going about it. Some introverts may even think if dating would work for them and if they can be successful in finding their right partner. In reality, introverts can find their perfect match if they know how to come out of their inhibitions and handle the whole process.

Here are some of the relationship tips for introverts who are thinking of getting into their first relationship:

1. Remove your Inhibitions

If you like someone and you’d like to go on a date with him/her, don’t engage yourself with the ‘n’ number of questions that may pop up in your mind. Generally, as an introvert, your mind may want to figure out if the dating will work out for you or not; or if there would be possibilities of your date turning into your first relationship. Don’t fantasize too much. Just keep your focus on trying to know the person you are dating.

2. Go one step at a time

As an introvert, you may be serious when it comes to your love relationship. So keep your expectations and fantasies at the base level. Try to figure out the kind of person whom you are dating. Get to know his/her likes and dislikes, hobbies, goals, family, work/education, etc. Examine if your wave length matches with him/her. Don’t jump into conclusions and decisions. Take time to reflect on your feelings and thoughts about your date when in solitude which is your natural tendency.

3. Build the rapport

Build a good rapport with the person whom you are dating. Get to know him/her well. Reflect on your thoughts and feelings time and again while at the same time reading his or her perception and feelings towards you. As an introvert, you may tend to attach/detach too soon. So keep it balanced.

4. Tell what you are like

Not everyone will understand an introvert well. There are chances that your date may read you as dull or moody. Tell the person what you are like- your need for solitude and the way you get energized. It is better the person you date knows you well as an introvert. It is important for both of you when making decisions about a serious relationship.

5. Talk about things that are important to you

The values and perceptions of an introvert may differ from that of an extrovert. Especially if you are dating an extrovert, your date needs to know things that are important to you. Do your best to share all those things that are important to you. Perhaps you can share about: how you prefer to hang out with a small crowd of your own, or how uncomfortable or feel lost in a big social gathering; how you take time to be yourself to revitalize your mental energies; how you are mostly a thinker, etc.

6. Demonstrate your strengths

Perhaps you may think that people may not prefer introverts particularly in a culture of an extroverted world. Do your best to demonstrate your strengths by being a good listener, or as an empath or a caring person. Always feel proud of who you are and rely on your strengths. Your strengths make you special of who you are, and that will help you stay your best in your love relationship.


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