6 Secrets About Happiness No One Tells You

We all chase after whatever we think will bring us happiness– power, money, or relationships. Those usually bring us momentary happiness. But, to me, happiness is a state of mind. 

It’s subjective and left to interpretation. Happiness is individual and personal. However, it is good to have a basic definition of what happiness is. 

According to a VeryWell article, happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment. In that case, happiness must be simple to achieve. In some ways, yes.  

However, we, humans, tend to focus on the negative. Thus, making happiness a bit more hard to find. If you need some help finding happiness, here are a few tips to help you. 

  • Sleep

Get some sleep. Studies have shown that getting a good night’s sleep can help your overall well-being. However, the number of hours you sleep does not necessarily guarantee restorative sleep. Quality is also important. 

According to an article published in Medical News Today, researchers found that poor quality of sleep affected mental health and emotional states. However, you don’t need a team of researchers to reaffirm this. If you have ever pulled an all-nighter, I am sure you have felt exhausted and cranky the next day. 

To improve your sleep, I suggest practicing good sleep hygiene– set a sleep alarm, dimming your lights, and staying away from electronics before bed. 

  • Be diligent. 

Have you ever felt like your to-do list grows more and more each day? As a result, you feel restless and anxious. Well, your to-do list may be the reason why. 

Being diligent can help you get to be happier. What does being diligent have to do with being happy? Well, for starters, it makes you worry less about the things that are still on your to-do list.  

If you are having trouble tackling your to-do list, try breaking things up into smaller tasks, color coding, or setting reminders. 

  • Do good deeds

Doing good deeds can help you achieve happiness. Who knew, right? 

The reason you feel great when you give a dollar to a homeless person or help an old lady cross the street is partly due to oxytocin. This feeling is known as the “helper’s high.” 

  • Listen to cheerful music.

When you are sad, it’s tempting to listen to emotional songs. Maybe listening to a happier tune could cheer you up! Music has a powerful effect on your mood. 

It can evoke memories, motivate us to work harder, and even fall in love. The effects of mood on the human mind and emotion are so effective that they have been used to treat depression. So, instead of crying while listening to Sad F.M., change the station and vibe to an upbeat song you love!

  • Work out

A popular tip to achieve contentment is to work out. Not only does working out release endorphins which help relieve stress and pain, but it also empowers you.  

  • To be happy, consider a job change. 

It may seem easier to stay at your 9-to-5 because you are comfortable, and it pays the bills. There is nothing wrong with that. But, if your job is making you deeply unhappy, then maybe it is time to reconsider. Now, I am not urging you to quit your job simply because your co-worker is annoying or you suddenly have more work than usual. 

Leaving your job or career is a bold decision the requires preparation. A great way to find out what you want to do next is to choose between your passion, side hustle, or purpose. Maybe you like your job but would prefer to practice it in a different industry. Regardless of what you choose, make sure to plan before taking the plunge. 

Happiness has many benefits. It can help you lead a better life and even live longer. Aside from the tips mentioned in this article, there are many more that can help you achieve happiness–everything from downsizing your life to changing your perception.  

Whatever you decide to do, whether you take these points in mind or not, I hope you find your own version of happiness. 


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