6 Signs A Person Likes You Even If You Don’t Think So

They like me- They like me not. Sometimes, it can feel as if you’re grasping at straws trying to decipher whether someone likes you. Do they avoid you, or are you overthinking it? You may think someone can’t stand you, but that may not be the case at all. It can be hard to figure out someone’s true thoughts about you, but there are some subtle signs that you can pick up on to get to the bottom of it. Whether it be romantic or just general feelings about you, these 6 signs a person likes you even if you don’t think so are sure to help you!   

1. They try to get close to you.   

While this may sound obvious, it’s actually easy to miss. Especially with people you may not be friends with yet. Have you ever noticed anyone was always around you? Perhaps out of the corner of your eye, you always see the same person. You may not think much about it, but people try to get physically closer to people they like. Whether it be by moving objects separating you two, such as a plate or pillow, or taking the same walking route as you, people try to get close to you in many ways. After all, if someone truly doesn’t like you, chances are you wouldn’t see them very often.   

2. They walk beside you.

It’s easier to talk to, maintain eye contact, and get physically closer to someone when walking next to them. So, naturally, people who like you will want to walk beside you and maintain your pace. However, someone may also like you and walk behind you. This might mean they’re too shy to walk beside you but still want to be near you. If they walk in front of you, they’re probably more concerned with where they’re going than talking to you. Basically, someone who likes you will try to be near you in any way they can. 

 3. Their body language is open to you.   

In a conversation, body language is everything. Seeing as most people don’t know how to control it, it subconsciously gives away how a lot of people feel. Small signs such as tilting their head towards you, leaning into you when laughing, or playing with their hair while talking to you is a great way to tell if someone likes you. More specifically, the way people point their feet is a big indicator. If they’re pointing at you, it probably means they subconsciously want your attention. The feet are the first things that move when going somewhere, so the direction they’re facing also hints at where the person would like to be. If they’re facing you, the person may be wanting to get closer to you, which is a big sign they like you. Similarly, if someone has their hands on their hips, exposing their stomach to you, it’s a good sign they’re open to you. As overlooked as body language is, it can tell you a lot about whether someone likes you.

4. They sit up straight around you.   

While you might have taken someone sitting up straight around you as a sign of them being on edge and uncomfortable, it also means they’re trying to look their best for in front of you. When sitting up straight, you show off all your strong features and look a bit taller, so people often sit up straight around people who they want to impress. Therefore, when someone sits up straight, they may look ridged and like they’re trying to put distance between you two, but they may be simply trying to impress you.   

5. They blink less around you.   

As bizarre as it may seem, someone’s blinking rate actually does say a decent amount about how they’re feeling. According to a study cited by Psychology Today, people tend to blink more when they’re anxious. Blinking also serves as a way to subconsciously block out things we don’t like. So, if a person blinks less around you, chances are it’s a good sign they like you.   

6. They raise their eyebrows when greeting you.   

It may sound weird, but people tend to raise their eyebrows when they’re happy and excited. So, we often subconsciously raise our eyebrows when we’re happy to see someone. It’s easy to overlook, and if someone doesn’t raise their eyebrows around you, it doesn’t mean they hate you. However, it is a sign that they like you if they always raise their eyebrows and smile at you.   

It’s never easy thinking someone doesn’t like you. It’s always a flip flop between considering you’re overthinking, or perhaps they do actually like you. You’re not alone in this struggle, for I’m sure all of us have stayed up late replaying little interactions and scenarios! Just remember, you cannot control whether someone likes you or not, so the most important thing is that you love yourself.   

Do you have anyone in mind right now? If not, that’s completely fine too! Either way, do you think these signs will help you in the future? Feel free to leave a comment about your experiences, input, or thoughts!    




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