6 Signs A Shy Person Likes You

Do you know any shy guys or girls? Have you ever wondered if they’re interested in you in a romantic way?

Unlike a forward and confident person, shy people don’t show their attraction so easily. They could be sending mixed signals that can leave you feeling more confused than flattered. But just like confident folks, shy guys or gals feel a magnetic pull towards you.

Here are six signs a shy person likes you.

They have a hard time keeping eye contact

Do they instantly look away when you try to gaze at their eyes?

According to Lisa Fritscher, avoiding eye contact says that you are uncomfortable in the situation. Shy people generally find it difficult to be around people that they highly respect or aren’t acquainted with – and either of these situations can apply to someone they like. Whenever you try to stare at them during conversation, you may notice these people diverting their eyes away and finding it almost impossible to gaze at you. This a giveaway that they could be hiding something – like a crush on you.

Their friends pull you in their conversations

Do their friends always make comments about how you two spend time together?

Even if you don’t know it, the shy guy or girl is probably out there telling their closest friends all about you. Even if they just harbor a tiny crush, there are more than a few cases of open-book friends that tease you together with the shy person. They could jokingly bring up a “What if you two were together?” pitting you two, which can be a clear giveaway on whether they like you or not depending on how the shy person reacts. 

They remember distant and vivid memories

Do they bring up a memory of the distant past, almost in great detail?

A shy person easily remembers the name of your old pet, your birthday, or a time shared between you two that you seemed insignificant back then. Once you show how impressed you are that they remembered, they might even get protective and play it off to hide their feelings. But even so, they’ll still feel proud to make you feel that way and relish in the feeling of getting closer to you too.

They agree with you in everything

Do they always agree with you and seem to have a hard time saying ‘No’?

If you’re an opinionated person, the shy person might be mesmerized by your steadfast beliefs and find it natural to agree with it as well. For different beliefs, the shy person may disagree in silence and not become confrontational. They’d be a bit more hesitant to switch sides and spark an argument. They’ll usually have a shift in tone or a bit more nervousness in their voice when it’s their turn to speak, which can indicate their respect towards you and your beliefs despite the differences. 

They throw secret glances towards you

Do they sneak peeks towards you, thinking you’re not looking?

Shy people stare at you like they’d stare at you like a sun in the noon sky. Stare too long, and they’ll feel compelled to look away. They enjoy maintaining a comfortable distance between you by staying put in the “happy crush” phase, but they’re guaranteed to sneak a few glances towards you every now and then. If you catch them red-handed, they’ll feel their heart drop and mind go blank. 

Their clumsy around you and only you

Do they seem to fumble and stutter when around your presence?

Your nervous system, which controls how we move our muscles, may function badly when we’re stressed or in shock (Healthline). This can impair how you perform tasks that involve your hands. The person crushing on you would feel a surge of sudden anxiety in your presence and might suddenly bump into people or stumble on the floor. If that happens, that can be a sign that they have a huge crush on you.

Closing Thoughts

Everyone acts differently, including shy people. But nonetheless, we hope that you have taken some notes on these signs of a shy person liking you.

That’s all for now, Psych2Goers!


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