6 Signs It’s Time to Give Up on Your Crush

6 Signs It’s Time to Move On

In many points in our lives, we often find ourselves developing strong forms of attraction to certain people we meet. However, these forms of attractions are sometimes a one-sided affair. To complicate things further, we find ourselves unable to visualize that it remains one-sided because we adore them so much. These crushes we develop usually exists only in our own bubble of fantasy. Comparing to deeper relationships where we seem to be more aware of the compatibility between both parties, we seem to be less aware as we somewhat visualize our crushes as someone perfect. Therefore, for some people, getting over crushes seems to be more difficult than getting over people we have dated before. In this article, I will be discussing the 6 signs that it is time to give up on your crush.

1. They Are Already in a Relationship

This is one of the most important signs to realize it is time to move on. Telling yourself that you will wait for them will only bring you misery and sadness, plus you cannot wait forever. Furthermore, your crush is clearly already focusing on someone else. There are many wonderful people in the world, putting your attention on someone who is already taken should not be a thing. It is also better to keep your options open.

2. You Are in the Friend Zone

If you and your crush seem to be best friends, it is highly possible that they only see you as a good friend and nothing more than that. Despite having the joy of receiving attention from them, you need to realize that it probably will not progress pass being more than friends. Although some people do escape the friend zone, the odds are not favorable. It is advisable to accept that they probably only see you as a good friend and move on. That being said, you might want to be honest about your feelings with them, so that the situation is clear and there is some form of closure for you. Best-case scenario, maybe they have a crush on you too. Worst-case scenario, you may need time away from them to sort out your emotions, but hey you will still be friends with them.

3. They Barely Know or Acknowledge You

Does your crush barely know who you are? You might be in a difficult position if so. If you have tried getting their attention or tried having interactions with them but they seem to be uninterested, it could be because they are just simply not into you. If your attempts of getting their attention seem to be in vain, perhaps it is time to move on. People often feel like they are the ones who have failed but that is not always the case. After all, it takes two hands to clap.

4. You Find Yourself Obsessing

It is definitely time to move on if you have been told by your friends that you might have an obsession. We as people are often blinded by love and think that some of our actions are okay. If you realize that thinking of your crush is affecting your daily lifestyle routines, you need to take a step back. Also, if you find yourself being told or realizing that you are portraying obsessive behaviour, you should definitely be moving on as it is mentally unhealthy.

5. You Are Being Led On

Ever find yourself having quality conversations with your crush and feeling pure joy? It’s difficult to see the situation in another perspective when so much attention is being received alongside the happiness. If your interactions with your crush fail to progress further into actual dates, your crush might be just leading you on without the sincere intention of actually getting to know you through dates. You must move on with self-respect.

6. Your Crush is Just Using You

Has your crush ever given you attention only to realize that they just need something from you? If you have, there has not been a more perfect time to move on. Whether it is a small favor of borrowing your revision notes to getting their daily dose of attention from you, if they only contact you for something and you do not hear from them when you try to have an actual conversation, they are just using you. As much as you think you like them, you should probably move on because you are so much more than that.

Do you find yourself having been in these positions before? I hope this article helps you to realize that some things in life cannot be forced, if it happens, it happens. Forcing it may bring unhappiness. Sometimes, we have to let it be. It is better to learn how to move on and let go of the things in life we cannot control. There is no shame in letting go.

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