6 Signs That Somebody Really Loves You (even if they don’t say it!)

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and does not mean that these signs are objective proof that somebody loves you. The research used in this article are supported by psychological research and are not intended to say with certainty that because somebody exhibits these signs means they truly love you.

Ever heard the phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’? Sometimes when it comes to the expression of love, this can often be the case for some people. Saying ‘I love you’ can be a nice thing to hear from your significant other but there are other ways that people chose to express their love for others.

Here are some signs which may suggest that somebody really loves you even if they don’t say it.

  1. You feel safe with them or in their company

Do you ever have the feeling that you are completely relaxed and safe when you are in the presence of your significant others? Safety is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship so it goes without saying that having a partner who respects you, your feelings, your possessions and your wellbeing, may well have loving feelings for you and care for you deeply. Furthermore, feeling safe extends to feeling free to make your own decisions and being able to express yourself without fear of criticism or putdowns (Raypole, 2020)

2. They will find ways to stay in connected with you

Does your partner ever send a text message saying good morning’ or ‘good night’ when you aren’t together? In this modern era of technology, we don’t always need to see each other physically in order show affection and that we care about each other. Sending something as simple as a text message can show that somebody is thinking about you. If they make an effort to stay connected with you when you are absent from each other, this may be an indicator that the person has strong feelings for you.

3. They actively listen to you and ask about your day

Does your partner ask about your day or show an interest in what you do? A partner who loves you, will take an active interest in the details of your life (Raypole, 2020). Couples build their love for each other on the practical supports that keep communication routes open (Whitbourne, 2014). Active listening plays a key role in this and in healthy relationships, partners acknowledge things which need to be improved as well as things which are going well, without trying to minimise distress.

4. They make an effort to engage in physical touch with you

Non-sexual physical is important for maintaining intimacy and it may be one of the ways that your partner shows that they care (Fellizar, 2020, 2018). Bethany Riccardi, a sex and relationship educator, advises that it is important to keep an eye out for body language cues in your partner. If your partners’ love language is physical touch, then this could be a good indicator that they are showing their love through physical affection (Fellizar, 2020) rather than through words.

5. They are proud to have you in their life

Even if your significant other has not dropped the ‘L Bomb’ yet, that does not mean that they are not feeling it. If your partner has introduced you to their friends and close family and share pictures on social media, that could demonstrate that they are inviting you into their world and that they are pleased to share that with the rest of the world. Be mindful that not everybody is public when it comes to displays of affection in this way, but as long as they are not keeping you a secret, that is usually a clear sign that they may have deep feelings for you.

6. They are easy to communicate with

If you find that communication comes easy between you and your partner, this off often a reassuring sign! Love requires open and honest communication but that does not always mean that you have to share every private thought or feeling with them; if they are the right person for you, then they will understand that. For a relationship to thrive, good communication might involve things such as discussing emotions, observing body language, identifying areas of conflict and checking in about boundaries in the relationship (Raypole, 2020). If you notice any of these in your own relationship, this may show that your partner has loving feelings for you.

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It is important to note that people will choose to say those three words in their own time and it is not something which should be rushed or said for the sake of it. Even if somebody has not said that they love you, does not mean that they don’t have loving feelings for you, so give them the chance and continue to have open conversations about your feelings towards each other.

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