6 signs that someone may be asexual


Hi, Psych2goers. Have you ever wondered whether or not you’re asexual? Do you know anyone who seems like an asexual person? Here are 6 signs that tell us that someone may be asexual.

1. The lack of sexual attraction

The idea of attractions is to draw people closer, and as for some of the asexuals, they are more likely to experience romantic attraction, aesthetic attraction, physical attraction, platonic attraction, and emotional attraction rather than sexual attraction. Therefore, it is also possible for those attractions to overlap with each other (Ferguson, 2019).

2. Not rushing any relationships

Usually, asexuals don’t actively seek love or relationship in their lives. Rather, they enjoy being on their own and don’t really have a deadline to get married or date. In other words, if they meet someone, they can start a relationship. If they don’t, it’s not really a big deal (Hsueh et al., 2020).

3. Get over crushes easily

It is possible for an asexual person to have some admiration towards someone, but if they get too intimate together, an asexual person may feel it’s time to stop the closeness advancing between them. Again, they value more in romantic or physical attractions than sexual attraction, if that’s not what their crushes value, they can let go easily (Hsueh et al., 2020).

4. Not having any celebrity crushes

Speaking of crushes, have you ever had a celebrity crush in your life? If you don’t, it’s totally ok! In fact, a lot of us have aesthetic attractions towards celebrities based on how they present themselves on the red carpet or in movies. Asexuals typically think celebrities are nice to look at, but that’s the furthest admiration they will go for (Hsueh et al., 2020).

5. Being aromantic

Asexuality has a wide spectrum. Some may experience limited romantic attraction, some may not experience as much. However, it is still possible for them to stay committed in a relationship even without romance or intimacy with their partners, this is also known as the queerplatonic relationship (Ferguson, 2019).

6. Sex depends

Asexuals mostly don’t need sex to satisfy themselves over the course of their lifetime. They often feel there is an abundance of activities and events waiting for them to enjoy other than focusing on intimate relationships (Hsueh et al., 2020). However, for some, they may want sex due to the hopes of conceiving children, satisfy their libido, or feeling the physical attraction during sex, such as cuddles and hugs (Ferguson, 2019).


Asexuality comes in a broad range and every asexual is different. Do you relate to any of these points? Leave a comment below if you have anything to say!


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