6 Signs That Someone Wants To Be More Than Friends

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes and is not designed to objectively suggest that if somebody exhibits these signs, that they want to be more than friends. It is always important to have open communication and discuss this with the person in question to ensure that you are on the same page.

Have you ever had a moments where you have questioned whether a close friend could be more than a friend? Have you ever been too scared to ask whether they feel the same way due to fear of rejection or embarrassment? This article explores some of the signals that you could look out for which may suggest that somebody may want to be more than friends with you.

They look at you differently

Pay attention to how somebody looks at you; it can often be a fine line but observing how somebody looks at you could be an indicator that they may see you as more than a friend. According to sex educator Danielle Sepulveres (Wylde 2021, 2016). Good eye contact and close proximity could indicate that they want to explore a different kind of relationship with you and want to be more intimate.

They way that you both touch changes

Relationship coach Chris Armstrong stated that physical habits change when somebody likes you more than just a friend. “You have moved from quick hugs to kisses on the cheek, hugging for longer periods of time to flirtatious touching,” he says in an interview with Bustle (Wylde, 2021, 2016). If you notice that your touching has become more intimate, even if it’s not sexual, and it is reciprocated, then it is likely that they may feel the same way.

You spend more time together and/or in contact more than usual

Have you noticed that you are spending more time on the phone to them, messaging them more or generally spending more time together? This is all about connection; the more time you spend together may make you question whether you are more than friends.

They want to be physically closer to you

Have you noticed that they have been leaning into your more recently? According to Jack Schafer Ph.D (cited in Mas, 2021) people tend to lean towards people that they like which could be an indicator that they want to be closer to you. This may suggest that they are seeking proximity

They remember the ‘small details’

Our brains usually remember things we care about or what is important to us. Remembering so many details about you usually means they paid close attention to what you told them in the past (Mas, 2021) which may suggest that they value and care about what you have said. Even though this is a common trait amongst friends, it could also show that there interested in your life more and want to know more about you.

They keep the conversation going

Have they tried to spark up conversations? Do they actively keep the conversation going? According to research conducted by Hall et al., (2015), one of the most common signs someone likes you is they do their best to keep a conversation going.

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