6 Signs They’re Ready To Commit

Maybe you both started dating last week or have been dating for a couple of months. Maybe, you both have been dating long enough that you are wondering if your partner likes you enough to commit to a serious relationship. 

Although you could ask, it’s nerve-wracking–for both of you. It suddenly puts your partner on the spot. Luckily, there are subtle hints that can let you know if your partner is ready to commit. 

Below are six signs that will help you gauge whether your relationship is moving towards the next phase. 

  • They make time for you. 

Making time for someone might be one of the most obvious signs that you care about that person. It lets them know that you value the time you spend with them no matter how busy you are. If your partner makes themselves available to spend quality time with you, they are trying to let you know that you are a priority in their life. 

  • They trust and confide in you.

Trust is fundamental in a good relationship, especially if you hope that it will last. If you notice that your partner starts to confide in you it means that they trust you. Not only that, but it also lets you know that they regard and respect your opinions, they think you are mature enough, and they want you to be a part of their life–both the good parts and the bad parts.  

  • They plan for a future that includes you in it.  

Many of us plan for our future–plans for the school we will attend, what major we will graduate with, what job we will have, and at what age we hope to retire. Unfortunately, not many of our plans come to their exact fruition. However, planning a life with someone else in mind means that you want them to be part of your future. 

If your partner is planning their future banking that you will be in it, you should take that as a sign that they are preparing themselves to commit to that future. 

  • They do not miss anything about single life. 

Being single has its perks. You get to meet new people, go out and fall in love with your independence. While a single person’s lifestyle, for some people, is preferable, relationships are beneficial too. 

There are many kinds of relationships, and their benefits range from emotional support to financial interdependency. However, being in a committed relationship is more than just the accessories that come with it. Forming and partaking in a serious relationship means that you have constant genuine support and companionship from someone who has chosen to be by your side. When you or your partner starts to see a relationship as an advantage rather than a burden, it means that both of you are ready to be in a more serious relationship. 

  • They feel stable.

It’s important to feel stable before committing to anything, even more so when you are committing to a relationship. Stability may come in many forms– financial, emotional, and mental. Although you do not necessarily need to be stable financially, emotionally, and mentally to be in a relationship, it certainly doesn’t hurt. 

In my opinion, feeling stable in all three aspects helps you build a strong and durable relationship. It also helps you feel more comfortable in your own skin and less capable of creating a dependency on someone else. 

  • They do not feel lost. 

Before entering a long-term relationship, it’s important to have a strong sense of self — to feel self-assured. Feeling self-assured and trusting your own choices makes feel more secure about whatever you plan for the future.  

In the context of a relationship, being and having a partner that is self-assured helps you both figure out your priorities and values in the relationship. But, it also provides a sense of security about the future of the relationship. If your partner is self-assured and knows what they want, take their word when they tell you that they are ready to commit. 

Although someone can hint that they are ready to commit to a more serious relationship, there is no checklist or guideline. If you are ready to commit, I think that it is best to talk to your partner. Let them know even if you don’t think they are. Do not pressure them or rush them. Just let them know that one day, whenever they are ready, you are ready to begin a new phase. 

Take care!


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