6 Signs Your Crush Notices You & May Even Like You Back

Crushing on someone can be an exhilarating and nerve-wracking experience. And the biggest reason is the mystery surrounding whether or not your crush even notices you or reciprocates your feelings. While deciphering someone else’s emotions can be challenging, fortunately we have psychology on our side and the insights of experts that tell us there are often subtle signs that can indicate your crush’s interest. 

With that said, let’s explore some signs that your crush notices you and even hinting at the possibility of mutual affection:

Engaging Conversations

According to psychiatrist Dr. Ketan Parmar, someone who’s interested in you will make an effort to engage in conversation with you. Not only that, someone who has a crush on you will actively seek out opportunities to talk to you, ask questions about your interests and your life, and genuinely listen to your responses. They will also try to keep the conversation going, but still want to keep things interesting, fun, and playful, so there might be some playful teasing and flirty banter as well. 

Social Media Interactions

In today’s digital age, social media platforms offer additional insight into someone’s feelings, according to an article published by Practical Psychology. Do you find yourselves constantly reaching out to each other, be it through messages, likes, story views, and other social media interactions? If your crush actively engages with your posts, likes or comments on them, or starts following you on various platforms, it shows that they notice you and are interested in staying connected and getting to know you better. Pay attention to the frequency and depth of their interactions as they can provide valuable clues about whether or not their feelings for you run deeper. 

Plans & Invitations

Relationship therapist Jessica Engle says to observe when another person makes an effort to spend time with you. If they regularly invite you to things and make plans with you, then it suggests romantic interest. Be mindful of the kinds of activities and settings they suggest as well. If it’s just the two of you, then it’s most likely that they like you. But don’t get discouraged right away if it seems casual or friendly either. Engle says that some people avoid being so forward and may be shy to let you know their true feelings and intentions.

Displays of Jealousy

Another tell-tale sign that your crush likes you is if they get jealous of those they perceive as romantic rivals, says Dr. Parmar. If they see you talking to other people at the bar, for example, or being close friends with someone of the opposite sex, they may become possessive, protective, or subtly try to compete with the person they’re threatened by. 

Attention Seeking

When someone has a crush on you, they often seek opportunities to capture your attention and make a lasting impression, says certified relationship expert Suman Kumar Sahni. They might go out of their way to look good for you, both in their appearance and the way they speak about themselves. They may subtly try to showcase their talents or make you laugh so you’ll want to be around them more. Keep in mind that not everyone is an attention-seeker by nature, so this behavior might manifest differently in some people. However, if you notice consistent efforts to engage you, stand out, or impress you, it’s likely that your crush notices you and may even harbor feelings for you.

Special Treatment

Another telltale sign that your crush may have feelings for you is how they treat you compared to others. Do they go out of their way to be especially kind, considerate, or helpful to you? Perhaps they offer you small gifts, compliments, or inside jokes that make you feel special, or remember little details about you? Therapist Dr. Brandon Santan says that all of these things are strong indicators that your crush notices and likes you.

Cracking the code of mutual crushes can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking, but understanding the subtle signs can ease your mind and encourage you to take the next steps. And if you’re interested in learning more about the psychology of attraction, we also have a video on “How To Subtly Attract Your Crush” you can watch next.

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