6 Signs You’re Easily Manipulated

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Some of us are more prone to manipulation than others. Manipulation is a pretty broad term, but it usually refers to being gullible or easily convinced of things. Have you ever wondered if you were one of these people? This article might help you out!

Please note that the manipulation we are referring to here is NOT in the context of emotionally abusive relationships. No matter your personality, being a victim of emotional abuse is never your fault or a reflection of you.

With that, here are 6 signs that you could be easily manipulated.

1. You overshare

When you make a new friend, do you immediately open up about your darkest secrets or deepest fears? Do you, more often than not, share details of your life with most people? If yes, this tendency to overshare may be a sign of being manipulated easily (Newsome 2016).

We want to acknowledge, though, that oversharing could also be related to social anxiety of discomfort. Like many signs and symptoms, it’s extremely dependent on the situation. In the case of manipulation, oversharing may mean that you lack strong boundaries, which could put you in the way of manipulation (Lusinski 2020).

2. A feeling of anxiety, only relieved by watching infomercials

Do you find infomercials relaxing, even comforting? Do you love the feeling of being reassured that a certain product is the only other thing you need?

Infomercials use effective persuasion techniques, no doubt. But they also advertise their products with the magic of TV and technology to add a little pizzazz. If infomercials do in fact relieve your anxiety, and you find yourself hanging on to what you hear, you might be prone to some of the manipulation tactics they often use.

3. A rapid pulse when uncovering a scratch card

Imagine a scratch card in one hand a quarter in another. How are you feeling? Anxious, excited?

If so, this is understandable to an extent. The anticipation of having a certain set of numbers can trigger excitement for many people. However, if you find yourself with a rapid pulse and a racing heart, it may mean that you are buying into the tricks a little too much. Scratch cards are meant to make money, by making people believe that with one more card they will make it big. We’re not saying that winning something is impossible, just that these were created with manipulation in mind.

4. Buying a mobile phone from someone you met in a pub

Do you find yourself making rapid, impulsive purchases? Examples of these purchases, such as purchasing a phone from someone you just meant may speak to your ability to fall victim to manipulation.

Sure, it would be lovely if scammers didn’t exist, and if we could trust everyone we meet, but that is sadly not the case. If you resonate with this point, don’t feel bad. Optimism has so many benefits, and though it may make you a little too trusting at times, it could also put you on a path towards looking for the good in the world around you.

5. Harboring the belief that if it’s on the internet, it must be true

Do you believe each piece of news upon first read? Do you assume everything on the internet to be true? If so, you may be more prone to manipulation.

The internet is essentially a place of freedom. In most cases, anyone has free access to post whatever they want, wherever they want. The temptation to buy into shocking news that pops up in front of you is definitely valid. However, the more often you succumb to this temptation, the more gullible you seem, and therefore, the easier it may be to manipulate you to believe other falsehoods.

6. A feeling of elation when you read your horoscope

How much trust do you put into your horoscope? If reading it makes you beam with elation, it may be a sign that you’re easily manipulated.

Horoscopes are interesting and fun, and they are likely accurate to some degree. However, if you find yourself hanging on to every word of a reading, or letting a reading dictate the way you view yourself, you may be putting too much importance on others’ thoughts. In the context of horoscopes, this is usually harmless! However, this tendency could translate to being easily manipulated in other situations.

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of the things that might make you easily manipulated. Could you relate? Did we miss anything? Let us know. Thanks for reading!


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