6 Signs You’re Exceptionally Smart (Even If You Don’t Feel Like It)

Hey, Psych2Goers! Before we get started, this is a disclaimer that this article is meant for entertainment and educational purposes only. It is not meant to mock, shame, or make fun of anyone. If you don’t relate to these signs, that does not mean you’re unintelligent. You simply have a different type of intelligence than in this article, so please do not misinterpret or misrepresent our content.   

Do you think you’re smart? In our hyper-competitive society, it can be easy to compare yourself to child geniuses or one-of-a-kind prodigies. However, when it comes to intelligence, there are many different ways for it to manifest. There are also various types of intelligence that each have their strengths and weaknesses. From book smarts to street smarts, each type of intelligence is unique and meaningful. What these things mean is that there are so many more indicators of being smart than academics. Are you curious to figure out whether you have a unique type of intelligence? If so, here are 6 signs you’re exceptionally smart!   

1. You’re not afraid of being alone    

Do you prefer to go out or stay in? Some people will go to parties and eat out with others because they’re afraid of missing out, not because they genuinely enjoy them. However, many intelligent people realize this and tend to prioritize their enjoyment over fitting in. After all, blending in with a crowd means nothing if you lose yourself in the process. This means, smarter people tend to have one or two close friends that truly enjoy the same activities they do (Zirkel, Social Intelligence: The Development and Maintenance of Purposive Behavior 2000). Do you think it’s better to be alone than force yourself to fit in? If so, you’re likely very intelligent!   

2. You’re disciplined   

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of self-control? Having a strict diet or always working? While it’s tempting to think of discipline as being productive all the time, it’s not all about working. Instead, it entails leading a balanced life with everything in moderation. For example, balancing your job and friends by working hard during the day then going out for the evening. Intelligent people recognize that no one aspect of life should constantly overrule others. They know that maintaining balance is key (Sternberg, The Concept of Intelligence and its Role in Lifelong Learning and Success 1997). So, if this describes you, you’re much more deliberate and intelligent than most!   

3. You speak up   

Have you ever gotten the wrong order at a restaurant? If so, what did you do? While it may be scary to speak up, it’s actually a sign you’re exceptionally smart! Taking action to fix things that aren’t to your liking shows mindfulness and initiative (Zirkel, Social Intelligence: The Development and Maintenance of Purposive Behavior 2000). You know the impact a wrong order can have on your day as well as the worth of your time and money. Going out of your way to fix negative situations means you’re self-aware, confident, and intelligent: three of the best traits out there!   

4. You talk to yourself   

Sounds bizarre, right? Talking to yourself may make you seem weird, but it’s actually a huge sign of intelligence. According to many studies, such as one in the Springer Journal of Philosophy and Psychology, talking out loud has a different effect than reading something. You’re more likely to internalize and process information as well as your thoughts. This means talking to yourself is linked to being able to better weigh decisions, consider alternative information, and retain knowledge (Geurts, Making Sense of Self Talk 2018). So, if this describes you, you’re likely both emotionally and academically intelligent!   

 5. You have small habits   

Do you bite your fingernails or always chew gum? These small habits may seem trivial, but they do have significance. Soothing behaviors are sometimes outlets for pent-up energy, feelings of perfectionism, or dissatisfaction. People with lots of energy tend to channel it into everything they do, meaning they’re constantly learning and becoming more intelligent (Sternberg, The Concept of Intelligence and its Role in Lifelong Learning and Success 1997)! Do you have any small habits? If so, feel free to share them in the comments down below! You’re likely very intelligent without even realizing it!   

6. You don’t think you’re very smart   

Sounds counterintuitive, right? Well, have you ever met someone who just thought they knew everything? Chances are, they came off as arrogant and perhaps a little annoying. Instead, truly intelligent people are aware of how much they don’t know, which can be quite humbling. They don’t see themselves as particularly smart and are always open to learning new things (Sternberg, The Concept of Intelligence and its Role in Lifelong Learning and Success 1997). So, while it sounds a little backward, not thinking you’re smart is a big sign you’re really intelligent!   

The bottom line is intelligence isn’t only good grades or winning awards. Instead, it can manifest in so many different ways, so you don’t need to feel bad if you don’t fit into the stereotypical intelligence. You’re unique and smart in your own ways, no matter what anyone may say!   

Did you relate to these signs? If so, which ones, and do you believe you’re more intelligent now? Feel free to leave a comment down below with your suggestions, experiences, or feedback!   


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