6 Signs You’re More Intelligent Than Others

Hey, Psych2Goers! Before we get started, this is a disclaimer that this article isn’t meant to belittle, mock, or attack anyone. It is meant for entertainment and informative purposes only, so please do not misconstrue or misrepresent our content. With that being said, enjoy the rest of the article!    

How intelligent do you think you are? Contrary to popular belief, intelligence isn’t simply getting good grades or having a high IQ; rather, it can present itself in various different ways. Many types of intelligence can be easily overlooked. What you may be lacking in traditional smarts you could make up for in emotional or creative intelligence. With this in mind, it is no surprise that there are many unexpected signs you’re smarter than others. Even if you don’t think you’re traditionally smart, you may exhibit any of these 6 signs you’re more intelligent than others!  

1. You enjoy alone time   

Do you prefer to go out with a group of friends or stay in? It may sound like a cliche, but sometimes enjoying alone time really is a sign of intelligence. Not to say all intelligent people always have their nose in a book or any other stereotype; rather, they like to have time for reflection and hobbies. They aren’t afraid of self-growth and have tons of intellectual curiosity. If this introspective description fits you, there’s a good chance you’re smarter than others.  

2. You’re flexible and creative   

Are you open to new ideas? In this day and age, it can be easy to become fixated on one side of an argument without fairly considering the other. One big sign of intelligence is being able to be open-minded and think outside the box. Seeing past your biases makes you more emotionally intelligent and an overall more responsible consumer of information. This, combined with innovative, unique thinking, makes you more intelligent than most!  

3. You often daydream and seem far away 

Is your head always in the clouds? While you may seem aloof to outsiders, daydreaming is a big sign you’re more creative and thoughtful than others. You’re planning for the future and may get too caught up with bigger thoughts to be present at the moment. For example, you could be thinking about what you’d change in your life, the world, or any other philosophical thought. This means if you’re constantly daydreaming, you could be more introspective and intellectually curious than most!  

4. You have lots of self-control  

Do you lead a healthy, balanced life? Many people imagine self-control as having a strict diet and workout regimen or working all the time. However, self-control is really about having everything in moderation. Balancing your mental, physical, and social health is a huge sign you’re more responsible and knowledgeable about what you need than most people. It’s okay to eat desserts and snacks, take a break, and not worry about being perfect all the time. Realizing that not only means you’re more intelligent than some, but it’ll also help you live a happier life!  

5. You’re messy  

What does your room look like? Is everything neatly filed away or does it look like you haven’t cleaned in months? Being messy could mean your mind works faster than your body can keep up with. It’s always onto the next idea or activity for you, which could leave your surroundings chaotic. For example, having messy handwriting means your mind is thinking faster than your hand can record. You have too many thoughts to worry about dotting every I and crossing every T. So, while being messy is often misconstrued as laziness, it’s actually a sign you’re a quick thinker!  

6. You tend to overanalyze   

Are you indecisive? Do you just have to analyze everything about a situation or decision? Overanalyzing means you’re a critical thinker who likes to consider all aspects of a problem to find the best solution. You tend to avoid making rash choices that could harm you in the long run, which means you’re good at thinking ahead. This is a huge sign you’re more intelligent than others since you both have attention to detail and a larger perspective.   

In the end, intelligence can’t be measured by any one factor. IQ, grades, and more don’t mean one person is smarter than another. There are so many different types and definitions of intelligence, so don’t worry about not fitting a certain category. The bottom line is everyone is smart in their own way, which cannot be compared to another’s.   

Do you exhibit any of these signs? If so, which ones? Are there any of you who have struggled to fit into the traditional definition of intelligence? Feel free to share your story, thoughts, or suggestions down below! 


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