5 Signs You’re Smarter Than Most People

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Have you ever wondered whether you were smarter than average? It turns out that a few of your behaviors might give you some answers! Before we start, we do want to make a quick disclaimer: intelligence is neither concrete, nor set in stone. It is measured in a bunch of different ways, all of which are equally valuable. The signs in this article are scientifically suggested to either boost intelligence or indicate higher intelligence in a way in which it is commonly measured. If you don’t relate to many of these signs, please do not feel like you are not smart or are incapable. Each and every one of you are smart in your own ways, and that’s what makes us all unique and human.

With that said, here are 5 signs you may be smarter than most people.

1. You talk to yourself

Have you ever been working really hard, and found yourself accidentally talking to yourself? If so, though it might be a sign of higher intelligence!

According to an article from Medical Daily, talking to yourself could be your brain’s way of organizing the many thoughts that pop up (Borelli 2017). It could also be an extension of inner dialogue as you figure out how to navigate difficult or challenging tasks (Borelli 2017).

In any case, there seems to be a strong association between talking to yourself and success, and more studies suggest that this may not be a coincidence.

2. You seem lazy to others

Do you like to spend more time in thought, or focused on a single thing? Have people called you lazy because of it? It turns out that this perceived laziness might be a sign that you are smarter than most people.

According to an article from The Indian Express, those with higher intelligence tend to stay immersed in their thoughts and curiosities for longer periods of time (ANI 2016). This could lead to the appearance of boredom or laziness, when the exact opposite is actually happening.

3. You work at night

Are you a night owl? It turns out, this may be a trait of higher intelligence.

Though studies have shown that morning people are generally happier, research shows a correlation between being more productive at night and having higher intelligence, according to an article from Inc. by Jeff Haden (Haden 2019). However, this isn’t to say that there is a causation or proven fact.

When it comes to sleep, the most important things are to maintain a consistent schedule and get enough sleep each night. There are advantages and disadvantages to rising early and staying up late. As long as you listen to your body and do what is truly best for you, you’re on your way to being the happiest and healthiest you can be!

4. You are artistically inclined

Do you love painting, drawing, singing, or playing the violin? Being artistically inclined develops your brain like no other and can boost your intelligence.

Research suggests that there is a link between the arts and intelligence that is scattered throughout the brain, such as in areas responsible for memory, attention and others related to cognitive functioning (Lunke and Meier 2016). It turns out that many forms of art are also stress relievers. So every time you practice the piano or learn a TikTok dance, you’re likely helping yourself out in more ways than one!

5. You occasionally procrastinate

Do you wait until the last minute to finish papers and projects? Procrastination, while not the best for time management, might be a sign that you are smarter than most people.

But, as Haden explains, there are caveats. He says that while studies do suggest that procrastination can fuel innovation, there is a difference between procrastinating to avoid working and procrastinating to come up with better ideas (Haden 2019). This distinction is important–saving everything for the last minute will leave you stressed in the end and sadly won’t contribute much to bolstering intelligence.

We hope you enjoyed learning about a few signs that you may be smarter than most people. Could you relate? Did we miss any? Thanks for reading!


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