6 Strategies to Boost Kids’ Self-esteem

In this article, we will discuss children’s self-esteem and we will propose many strategies to increase it. It is very important to create confident kids with strong personalities and sometime, able adults to face all the difficulties and challenges. First of all, we need to define the meaning of self-esteem. According to Cambridge Dictionary self-esteem is the “belief and confidence in your own ability and value”. So, how can we grow up confident children who believe themselves?

  1. Dialogue is the key.

    We should talk to our kids not only when something bad happens, but also when something good happens. For example, we should reward them when they accomplish their goals and to critically discuss in situation of failure.

  2. Let them do it alone.

    Quite often parents try to replace their kids and automatically kill their motivation and initiative. If our child has a fight or just a misunderstanding with another child, we have to let them solve it and it is better not to get involved.

  3. Encourage their talents.

    Obviously all the kids are good to specific sections. For example, many kids are good athletes, others musicians or artists or writers etc. Parents have this extra mission. Give them experiences, try to find their talents and let them blossom.

  4. Ask their opinion.

    It may seem weird, but children have an opinion, too. Their simple way of thinking might give us unexpected solutions to our problems and kids will feel considerable.

  5. Encourage their goals.

    It is crucial for children to have goals. There are different kinds of goals, such as goals about grades, goals about behaviour, goals about activities. All of them are significant and help them try more, be more concentrated, more realists and more organized.

  6. The treasure of feelings.

    Confident children are not affraid of their feelings, so we should encourage them express anything they feel, such as happiness, anger, pain, disappointment. After all, if they feel comfortably abou their feelings and can listen to themselves, they will be more empathetic and they will understand others’ feelings, too.

To sum up, self-esteem is the key, if we want to grow up strong and able adults. With no doubt parents hold that key in their hands and they play a very imporant role to their children’s life. Through these strategies they will boost kids’ self-esteem and create more confident personalities.

For further information, the video “Building your child’s self-esteem” from Canadian Paediatric Society.


References: Hondrou, T. (2008). Article in “Απαντήσεις για τη Σύγχρονη Οικογένεια”, (55).

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