6 Struggles Only Introverts Could Relate To

In the current society, there is a belief that being extroverted is required for success. This can be a real struggle for introverts. When looking for a job, you will hear that the best way is to attend parties and events for networking. Additionally, job descriptions normally require people to be extremely sociable, enjoy the spotlight, and enjoy working in a team. And even though you might feel like an outsider because of this “belief”, there are many others just like you, who share your feelings and go through the same struggles. To prove this and hopefully help you feel better knowing that you are not alone, I will address 6 common struggles that only introverts can relate to.

You’d rather avoid parties and big social events

Do you ever notice yourself feeling lonelier during parties or social events than when you are by yourself? While this might sound contradictory, this is a common struggle for introverts. Whenever you go to parties or social events, you will feel like there is a wall separating you from other people because of the amount of small talk. Additionally, small talk will make you extremely bored and feel like you are wasting your precious time (The Powerful Mind, 2020). These two reasons are why you would rather avoid going to parties or social events.

You feel extremely uncomfortable when in the spotlight

It is normal for everyone to feel extra pressure when being in the spotlight. After all, you are being watched by more people than you normally would. But, how comfortable do you feel when being the centre of attention? As an introvert, you will try to avoid speaking in groups or public speaking at all costs because you can’t stand people’s attention being focused on you (The Powerful Mind, 2020). You would much rather have one-on-one conversations, and even then, you prefer to talk about things other than yourself. Examples of this are when you feel uncomfortable talking with acquaintances who you know will always ask personal questions which you feel are none of their businesses.

You feel under-appreciated

Have you ever felt that people ignore you are in the room just because you don’t talk as much as others? Well, this is one of the most common struggles for introverts. As an introvert, you usually talk less because you don’t know what to say or don’t have anything to say (Meurisse, 2020). As a result, people will not know you well and under-estimate your skills and capabilities. One excellent example of this is when a co-worker who is less talented than you gets a promotion because of his/her social skills, while you feel like you got skipped.

You feel that working in a team is burdensome

Knowing how to work in a team is necessary since it allows a combination of skills working towards the same goal. However, do you feel like group meetings are counter-productive for you? This is one of the struggles that you can easily relate to. As an introvert, you work much more productively in quiet and private environments since focusing on your task with people talking around you is very hard (The Powerful Mind, 2020). Additionally, as opposed to the belief that having others around is better for inspiration, you are more creative and have innovative ideas when you are alone. And the fact that companies usually prefer team players over individualists make this a struggle for you, even if the results and insights you give are better.

You appear shy when meeting new people

First impressions have always been fairly important in building relationships with others. After all, depending on the first impression you give people, they will decide whether they want to get to know you better or not. Are you usually described as “shy” whenever you meet new people? As someone who is quieter than most people, it makes sense that people see you as a shy person when they meet you at first. The struggle occurs when people assume things of you just because you are quieter, such as you not being confident enough, or that you are hiding something (Ivanova, 2019). This might be especially bad on job interviews, since recruiters usually seek people who are confident in their own skills, and you might not give the right first impression.

You would rather do everything by yourself

Have you ever spent so much time trying to do something that could have been easily solved if you just asked someone to help you? As an introvert, one of the traits that you have is that you hate asking for help, and the main reason for this is that you are afraid you might seem stupid or incapable of doing anything (Ivanova, 2019). In the end, you will end up wasting so much valuable time simply because you preferred to do everything by yourself instead of asking others for help.

To conclude, it is important to be aware that the struggles that you have to go through daily are most likely struggles that most introverts experience as well. Hopefully, with this article, I was able to make you feel like you are not alone in dealing with these struggles and start embracing the fact that there are more approaches to life than the extroverted approach.


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