6 Subtle Signs You Are Having An Anxiety Crisis

Psychotic disorder symptom: loss of touch with reality

Anxiety has been constantly discussed these days, it affects us from time to time because we’re human beings and feeling anxious is just a part of the journey, it’s OK to feel anxious. Anyhow when it gets to the point where it’s overwhelming we start externalizing it in an uncontrolled way, an anxiety crisis.

1: Your Heart Races

At the first stages of an anxiety attack it’s commonly felt our hearts to race, it doesn’t beat as it normally would and you’ll feel it. It’s also known as heart palpitations!

2: It’s Hard To Breath

It usually feels like having a heavy weight on our chests, we push the air in but it feels like we can’t make it. It’s also alarming to us the fact that we become more conscious of our breathing in the midst of an uncomfortable moment.

3: You’re Thirsty

You will press your lips between one another and you will realize they’re much drier than the usual, it feels like you’re dehydrating.

4: You Shake

This is a very regular symptom of nervousness, many of us shake when we’re feeling nervous and as anxiety is an extended, overwhelming version of feelings and sensations accumulated, shaking often comes!

5: You Can’t Concentrate

It’s hard to focus when we are going through such a rough moment, we feel like we need to figure out what’s happening to our body while at looking for a way to make it stop. Sadly, most people deal with it by themselves as not everyone has space for communication or a support system to rely on. Also, there are other tons of reasons for someone not to open up about their internal/external struggles.

6: You Feel Slow

Having to endure so many elevated emotions all at once can be a lot draining and get us feeling exhausted, even walking or doing everyday activities can be excruciating.


Those were just some of the most common symptoms that we feel in the middle of an anxiety crisis but don’t forget that there are many other ones and that our body responds to harsh situations in different ways.


If you want to know more about it you can go to: https://www.healthline.com/health/anxiety


Take Care!

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