6 Things Extroverts Are Best at Doing

Extroverts often get a bad rep for being loud, obnoxious party animals. Similar to the myths and stereotypes introverts still struggle with today, extroverts face their own hellish stigmas, too. The spotlight they stand in isn’t always a positive one. We want to focus on their strengths and encourage you to do the same, especially if you’re an extrovert. Psych2Go shares with you 6 things extroverts are best at doing:

1. They’re enthusiastic!

According to research, extroverts are wired to be enthusiasts because they strongly associate their environment with rewards. This is why they’re often known as the “life of the party.” Studies have shown that when people find themselves in a positive experience, they are more likely to move faster, focus and remember better, and adapt an optimistic demeanor. Although patience is a great life skill, there is also something valuable about the desire for instant gratification. Extroverts know how to live in the moment, because they’re motivated by their impulse to be happy.

2. They’re natural risk takers.

Although risk is often negatively associated with recklessness and unhealthy addictions, in healthy doses, it’s actually the best thing you could ever take. Extroverts thrive on risk, always searching for the next exciting adventure. This can be incredibly rewarding, whether it inspires them to travel around the world, choose a more unconventional career path, or create the next snazzy invention. Extroverts are one of a kind. Thanks to biology, their brains are more active to dopamine, which makes them the least boring people you’ll ever meet!

3. Their sociable nature allows them to make friends from all walks of life.

Their friendly and easygoing disposition makes them easy to talk to. As a result, they often attract many people their way. Their warm and open nature helps them make friends. Since extroverts thrive on variety, they don’t like being boxed in cliques and enjoy stepping out, learning about people’s rich cultures and diverse backgrounds. They’re not intimidated by large social gatherings and can navigate their way around like a butterfly, gently easing their way into the world of networking while making it a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone.

4. Their curiosity brings them unique experiences.

Adventure is always out there and extroverts take the leap to embrace it! Their curiosity helps them gain knowledge about the world that can make them wise, informative individuals with great stories to tell. As they encounter many experiences and form special connections, they also develop a genuine and profound care for others. Inquisitive by nature, extroverts never stop learning, always eager to understand.

5. They’re likely to succeed at work.

Extroverts make great workers because they’re highly conscientious individuals. They enjoy figuring out how things work and are motivated by challenges. Their enthusiasm and reliability also sets them apart, making them approachable leaders, but also great team players. Extroverts are people-oriented, so they value their interpersonal connections with their coworkers. Because of this, they’re always willing to reach out and never hesitate to ask someone how they’re doing. This is great for problem-solving and helps companies grow closer, too.

6. They’re open with their feelings.

Making good impressions is what helps you land a job interview or score a first date, but vulnerability is the essential key ingredient for cultivating deep relationships. Extroverts are naturally open and are quicker to let someone know how they feel. They don’t hold back as much and believe in putting their heart on the line. They’re not as afraid of rejection and usually bounce back in no time thanks to their resilience. Whereas introverts are widely known to be interesting because of their mysterious nature, extroverts’ transparency makes them endearing, honest individuals.


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