6 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Bisexuals

Hello, Psych2goers! We’re going to see how some comments may sound uncomfortable to bisexuals. The most typical definition for bisexual means there is a romantic and sexual attraction for more than one gender. Disclaimer: Since sexuality is overall a complicated topic, experiences may vary from person to person. This article is not meant to be scientific but more casually focused.

1. “Does that mean you always cheat?”

Couples cheat under many factors and being bisexual does not necessarily associate with that behavior (Cruz, 2016). For example, it can due to boredom or dissatisfaction in a relationship and cheating is not the result of being bisexual.

2. “You’re spreading disease.”

There are misconceptions out there that suspect bisexuals are more likely to spread STI. However, STI does not target only one sexual orientation. The take-away message is to understand your partner well and use protection (Cruz, 2016).

3. “Why are you so greedy?”

Being bisexual does not make a person greedy. Just because they accept more than one gender due to their orientation does not imply they feel connected to anyone they came across (Cruz, 2016).

4. “Are you polyamorous?”

Polyamorous means having relationships with many partners. Bisexuality does not mean that. Just because they are attracted to more than one gender, it does not mean they like to start several relationships (Cruz, 2016). In fact, in many cases, bisexuals can maintain a stable relationship for a long time (Dingle, 2014).

5. “You’ll change later.”

Sexual orientation can be a long journey, but that does not mean every bisexual is still in the process of figuring it out. Some could still be exploring, but some have already determined their orientation and embraced their identity (Dingle, 2014).

6. “Is it just for seeking attention?”

Bisexuals express their intimacy because they love their partner. Many assumed that they are faking a relationship and trying to get attention. In fact, they are just being authentic and caring with their partners (Dingle, 2014).


Do you happen to know anyone around you who is bisexual? Have you unknowingly said these before reading this article? Leave a comment if you’d like to share!


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