6 Types of female friends

In your life, you meet several people and some of them become your friends. Each person plays a different kind of role. You share some of your favorite moments with them. It could be having late night chats, annoying each other till you can’t bear them anymore, or just spending the whole day cooped up in the room. These mundane moments of your life become interesting because of them. With each of them, you have a different kind of friendship. Here are 6 types of female friends: 

1. The Comforter:

When life gets rough and you want some clarity of mind this is the person you go to. You talk to her without any kind of hesitation and feeling of being judged. You know she is actively listening to every word you are saying. It doesn’t matter if she is older than you or younger or of the same age, you always trust her instincts.

2. The big sister:

This person looks out for your best interests. She is always saving you from some kind of trouble. It doesn’t even matter if she is of the same age as you. It just feels like she is somehow more mature than you. She always points out your bullshit when necessary. And doesn’t hold back when you need some sense knocked into you.

3. The soul sister: 

She has been in your life for ages. You know each other inside out. You have inside jokes that strangers never seem to get. Both of you have grown up together. You have walked the stages of life together. You have shared each other joys, sorrows, victories, and supported each other through thick and thin. Your relationship is more like sisters than friends. Both of you have spent most of your time together in each other’s house. Even your family members see both of you as part of their tribes. It doesn’t matter if you move to different cities you still remain in contact with each other and always make sure to meet each other once in a while.

4. The social butterfly:

Whenever you want to go out and have a good time this is the girl you call. She knows the best places to go, eat and have fun. Her energy is so infectious that even if you are not in the mood your spirits are just lifted by just being with her. She is definitely the life of the party and the person you have had plenty of amazing weird memories with even when it looks like you can’t keep up with her anymore.

5. The mentor:

This one is a different kind of friendship because your relationship is that of a student and teacher. She guides you in your journey. You ask for career advice from her or how to handle things that life throws at you. She is always looking out for you even when it doesn’t seem so and even when her advice seems harsh to you. And seeing you fly high in your life makes her feel proud. 

6. The Same-interest friend:

There is a possibility that maybe you don’t know much about each other’s life but it doesn’t matter. Because what makes your bond special is your shared interests in the same things. Maybe both of you met at your favorite artist concert and you have maintained contact ever since. You have spent so much time talking to her discussing your favorite songs and lyrics. Her place in your life is special to you because you have the same interests. 

It doesn’t matter if we stay friends with them forever or not. The memories we have with these girls are always cherished by us.  Do you have a female friend like this? or Are you a friend like this to someone?


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