6 Ways Your Crush Shows They Like You Back

Unless your crush tells you that they have feelings for you, it can be tricky to figure out whether they like you back or not. But if you know what to look for, you might be able to tell if they’re interested in you based on their behaviours. Maybe your crush has been doing these things all along, and you just weren’t aware of what it meant. That’s where we come in! Today, we’ll be talking about 6 ways your crush shows they like you back.

1. Their texting habits

When you text your crush, do they keep the conversation going even when you’re running out of things to talk about? If your crush has feelings for you, you might notice that they continue to ask questions or switch to another the topic when the conversation is dying down (Steber & Inks, 2022). They’ll also show that they’re considerate of your time when texting. Rather than leaving you hanging, they’ll respond consistently and apologize if they take a while to reply. They may also show they like you by asking engaging questions and giving thoughtful responses while avoiding dry, one-word answers.

2. They laugh at your jokes

If you’re wondering whether your crush likes you or not, try paying attention to how they react to your jokes! Humour has an important function: it can help us discern who likes us and who doesn’t (Li, 2021). We tend to laugh more around people we’re interested in. After all, don’t you find yourself laughing often when you’re around your crush? Regardless of how funny you are, if you find it easy to make your crush laugh, this could be a sign that they like you back.

3. They prioritize you

Another way your crush shows they like you back is by making time for you (Kenny, 2021). If you’re in a group of people, they might spend more time talking to you than others. They might also find excuses to strike up a conversation with you either in person or over text, and initiate hangouts even when they’re busy. Overall, they’ll make an effort to be around you and stay in touch between hangouts.

4. They’re curious about your interests

If your crush likes you back, they’ll probably take an interest in the things you’re interested in (Luce & Sullivan, 2021). Maybe they ask you deep questions about your goals in life and what you’re passionate about, or maybe they’re curious about your hobbies and favourite genre of music. They might also start sending you things they think you might like over social media or text. These are all indicators that they’re trying to get to know you better and potentially show that they like you.

5. They seem nervous around you

Does your crush show signs of nervousness when you’re together like blushing, fidgeting, or stuttering? Studies show that when someone finds you attractive, they talk faster and find it more difficult to speak clearly because they can’t concentrate as well. They may also experience physical responses that are related to anxiety, particularly in the initial stages of attraction (Hughes et al., 2020). Although it might not be intentional, if your crush is anxious around you, they could be involuntarily showing that they like you back.

6. They remember the little details

Doesn’t it feel nice when someone recalls a subtle detail from a conversation, like they truly listen and care about you? If you notice that your crush remembers specifics that are seemingly unimportant, it could be a sign that they like you back (Mas, 2022). This could be something you shared with them or an experience you had together. For example, they might recall what you were wearing when you went out with them or the intimate details of a story you told them. These details may be worth remembering because you’re important to them and they want to show how much they care.

Final thoughts

If you made it to the end of this video and you’re thinking, “This sounds exactly like my crush,” they just might like you as much as you like them. If your crush doesn’t do any of these things, don’t be discouraged! People have different communication styles, and these aren’t the only ways that your crush can show their feelings for you. At the end of the day, the only way you can truly know for sure is to ask.

Well, Psych2Goers, what are your thoughts? Does your crush do any of these things? Do you have stories or advice for the community based on past experiences with your crush? Share in the comments below!

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