7 Affirmations for Chronic Overthinkers

Everyone worries. Whether it is about the past, present circumstances, or events that can happen in the future, worry is part of the human condition. It’s normal. However, excessive worrying that lingers and prevents you from taking action or moving forward can be a problem. 

Overthinking may physiological issues such as headaches, indigestion, and body aches. It can also affect your mental health as it can exacerbate preexisting problems. 

Below are a few affirmations to help you quiet your mind and empower you to move onward. 

  • I can do this. 

Perhaps this one is the most simple, but it is just as effective. Reminding yourself that you got this in moments of adversity is empowering, and it gives you a boost to push through. 

  • My thoughts are not my reality.

It’s easy to forget that you are more than your thoughts. Your thoughts, especially negative ones, can overwhelm you and make you feel helpless and powerless. This affirmation will remind you to separate yourself from your thoughts. You are far more capable than you think you are.  

Another alternative to this affirmation is: “It’s only a thought, and thoughts can be changed.” 

  • I can accept the changes that happen around me.

Change can be frightening, but this affirmation can help you feel a bit more prepared for whatever happens. 

  • I approve and love myself.

This affirmation is a self-reminder to be kind to yourself. You are human, and things will sometimes go wrong. It’s fine. Love yourself. Love yourself through everything and anything. 

  • I release the urge I feel to control things around me. 

For chronic overthinkers, ceding control to something or someone else is difficult. Control makes us feel safe and secure. But, learning to discern between the things you do have control over and the things you do not is liberating and will help you worry less. 

Repeating this affirmation to yourself during moments that feel like everything is falling apart can help you find some peace and clarity. 

  • I can make it through this. 

There will be moments where you won’t see the end of something. In those moments, you may falter, doubt, cower or feel hopeless. Use this affirmation to remind yourself that things will be okay. Regardless of where you are right now, you will, one day, be okay 

  • I am attracting good things into my life. 

Chronic overthinking fills your mind with doubt and negativity. In that mindset, you may lose sight of your initial goal. You may think things have gone towards the wayside and cannot be fixed. In turn, you might start reacting to your negative thoughts. You might end up doing things that keep you further away from your goal. But, I recommend that you take some time to reflect. Try to reframe your thoughts or shift your perspective. If necessary, reach out to a therapist. 

This affirmation can help you stay on the right track– a mind with minimal doubt and negativity. 

 I hope that these affirmations can help ease your mind and empower you to move forward. If you feel like you need more help or guidance, please reach out to a therapist. 

Take care! 


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