7 Signs a Relationship Is Worth Pursuing

We all look for different things in a partner. Whether you’re an avid music lover, and are looking for someone with the same music taste, or have a passion for art and would love to have a partner who shares the same interest, there are general qualities and characteristics that would make someone a favorable partner, or someone worth being in a relationship with. And while many people preach the red flags, or warning signs to look out for in a love interest, what might the green flags or good signs be? They aren’t limited to a set number and can vary from person-to-person, but if you’re curious as to just what a few of them may be, here are seven signs a relationship is worth pursuing with someone:

1. Their Actions Align With Their Words

One good indicator that a relationship is worth pursuing with someone is if their actions and words match. You may know someone who’s the opposite of this; they might assure you they’ll do something, but then end up not actually following through with their actions. Whether they consciously do this or not, being with people like this ensures disappointment, confusion, and doubt on our end. But, for those who do make sure to follow through on their words, they’re the type of person you can be sure to count on. They also aren’t one you can easily doubt because with them, their words and promises aren’t empty. Someone whose actions align with their words shows that they’re accountable, and that their intentions are genuine and free of any ulterior motives they might have, proving themselves to be a good potential partner.

2. They’re Considerate

Another sign a relationship is worth pursuing with someone lies within their character, and that has to do with how much of a considerate person they are. Considerate behavior can be noticed even in the smallest of ways. Whether it’s through how they always let you take the window-seat when travelling because they know you love the view, or how they make sure to take care of the items you let them borrow, it shows that they’re selfless, and capable of taking others into account, rather than just themselves. When someone is considerate, they’re also accepting and mindful of your beliefs, morals, and values. Whether your ideals are religious, or simply morals you’ve placed in your life, a good partner is willing to respect and be mindful of them, in order to avoid accidentally offending or hurting you.

3. You’re Able to Have Effective Communication

When it comes to relationship advice, many of us have heard the phrase “communication is key” as one that’s almost always on the list. That’s because communication truly has been proven to be key in not only healthy, functioning relationships, but also in settings like school and the workplace. Communication is important because it’s what helps two or more people reach solutions, agreements, and it’s even used to decide what restaurant to order from.

For communication to be effective in a relationship, both people need to be comfortable with voicing what they think and believe, while also valuing the other person’s thoughts and opinions just as much as their own. It also requires patience, trust, and a non-judgmental stance on both sides too. With several factors needing to come into play, good communication isn’t something that always comes as smooth sailing in relationships. But, as long as the both of you are equally willing to work towards it in times when it doesn’t come easy, that’s a good indication a healthy relationship is capable of blooming between you both.

4. They Aren’t Confusing

There are several emotions that come as a result of confusion, like frustration and sadness, which can be unpleasant experiences to say the least. Whether the person you’re seeing acts interested and invested one day, but indifferent or unresponsive to texts the next day, or if they’re unashamedly flirty with other people, this can cause you to question where the both of you actually stand. It can also suggest that the other person doesn’t place the same value of importance on you, as you do for them.

On the other hand, a good potential partner doesn’t take part in hurtful or confusing actions like these. This is because their behavior and actions are straightforward, with no chance for doubt or questioning, and they’re also able to be open with you about what’s on their mind whenever they seem off. All in all, they make it clear and known to you that they’re just as romantically interested as you are, and aren’t the type of person to “play games”, give you a cold shoulder, or put you in a position that leaves you feeling hurt and doubtful.

5. They Aren’t Judgmental

No matter how alike or how many shared interests you have with someone you’re interested in, the two of you are bound to also have your differences. Whether they’re different preferences in food, or different dreams and aspirations, someone who genuinely respects and values you will do the exact same for your quirks, fashion style, and all the other things that set you two apart. Besides your differences, someone worth pursuing a relationship with also doesn’t judge you for things like how smart you are, your career choice, or your past mistakes. Instead, they understand that just like them, you’re human, and that you have the free will to make decisions based on your own judgment.

6. They’re Reasonable

Another clear sign a relationship is worth pursuing with someone is if they have reasonable standards, wishes, and requests. This means they aren’t a type of person of high, unrealistic standards. A reasonable person doesn’t demand that you have or maintain a specific appearance, or expect only high achievements from you. This is because they value you for your character, and care a lot more about what’s on the inside, rather than what’s on the outside. A good, reasonable potential partner also doesn’t expect you to cater to all their needs, like lend them money whenever they’re in need, or pressure you into doing things that make you uncomfortable. Someone reasonable isn’t controlling and doesn’t think they’re above you, since they see you as an equal and value you for much more than what you can do for them.

7. They Know How to Say “Sorry”

When we’re at fault for something we’ve said or done, being able to apologize to those we offended or hurt can be a lot easier said than done. But, at the end of the day, when we’re truly sorry and know it’s the right thing to do, this is what allows us to swallow our pride and eventually find the courage to let the other person know we’re sorry for hurting them. Being able to genuinely apologize to others when we’ve done something wrong is not a skill everyone has, but is definitely a green flag to look for in someone you’re romantically interested in. This is because it shows they care about your feelings, are able to acknowledge and understand them, and are also able to recognize and accept when they’re wrong in the first place, all of which are qualities that undoubtedly make a good partner.


The traits and qualities you look for in a potential significant other are based on your preferences. Although general, the ones listed above are characteristics that good romantic partners display, and are ones you should definitely consider adding to your list, as they can help ensure you choose someone you can develop a healthy romantic relationship with. Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below.


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