7 Signs of A Successful Relationship

Is there someone you feel a deep connection with? Does their presence bring you joy, peace, and a sense of security? Whether it’s a romantic or platonic relationship, there may be one or more individuals that come up in your mind when you think of a healthy relationship. You and the other person may communicate your love and appreciation for each other in multiple ways without even realizing it. As restrictions are lifting, it’s time to reconnect with those around you, build lasting bonds, and enjoy your time together. Whether it’s through gut feeling or verbal communication, there can be many ways to tell whether or not you and another person have a strong bond. Hoping to share a deep connection with someone? Well, here are 7 signs of a successful relationship.

1 — You and Your Partner Can Resolve Conflicts 

Fights are a normal part of successful relationships. Everyone has different perspectives, and sometimes those perspectives can conflict with one another. However, knowing how to recover from these disagreements is a hallmark sign of a healthy relationship, according to psychologist and relationship expert John Gottma. It’s okay if you feel frustrated with your partner, feeling like you may never come to terms with them about something. What’s important is the way you two approach this conflict. By listening to one another, being open for a transparent conversation while respecting one another’s ideas, you will come out of conflicts stronger than ever and feel even more connected with each other.

2 — You Know How to Compromise

From what restaurant you want to eat at to how many children you want together, your relationship with someone will likely consist of a lot of decision-making as a pair. Sure, you can follow your friend’s lead and have sushi with her on Wednesday, but on Thursday, it’s your turn to pick. Learning how to make decisions together involves listening to each other’s opinions and making compromises. With that said, be mindful if you feel that one side of the party is making too many compromises; balance is the key to a successful relationship.

3 — You Have Unconditional Love for One Another

Unconditional love outlines a type of love that does not include “what-ifs”. For example, ideas like “I’ll love him only if he buys me flowers every day,” or “our relationship would be great only if this happens,” may call for an unstable relationship. Wouldn’t you feel more at peace if your partner loves you for your entire self rather than certain aspects of you? We as humans not only seek love but also security. Portraying an unconditional love for each other creates a sense of stability and trust, making the relationship long-lasting and as wholesome as possible.

4 — You Can Trust One Another

This ties back to the previous point about security. Keeping major secrets from one another can grow into catastrophes. This doesn’t mean you must sacrifice the occasional surprise birthday party or gifts, but if you find yourself often hiding your emotions and true thoughts from one another, then maybe it’s time to sit down and have a deep conversation. Trust involves honesty and transparency. Knowing that they won’t lie to you and won’t try to hurt you physically or emotionally, you may feel much more safe and happy around them. Having trust in one another also means you won’t need to worry when you are not physically with each other. Having independence is just as important as having quality time together; being worry-free either way is a sign of a healthy relationship.

5 — You Are Kind to Each Other

Nothing makes a relationship stronger than treating each other with empathy, respect, kindness, consideration, and appreciation. If you find yourself treating acquaintances and strangers with more respect than you do with your partner, friend, family, or someone you feel close with, perhaps it’s good to take a step back and reevaluate who you prioritize. If your relationship with someone builds on deprecating jokes or light-hearted goofiness, that’s fine too — as long as you can show your genuine appreciation for them once in a while, all is well. Next time you see the other person, try giving them a shower of compliments or a gesture of kindness; you may just make their day.

6 — You Seek Comfort in Your Relationship

Have you ever felt the urge to be with someone when you encounter a stressful situation? Whether your social battery has been drained after a night out or you have been feeling anxious about an upcoming exam, you may experience a desire to be with a certain individual and seek comfort in them. If that is the case, you probably have a very strong bond with this person. Your relationship with them is a safety net, a place you can call home and recharge whenever you feel down. A successful relationship offers comfort to both parties, even in the most distressing situations.

7 — You Can Be Independent

Spending time with one another can certainly improve your relationship, but it’s also important to be able to spend some time apart. Having friends, personal interests, and hobbies makes you a more complete person and a better partner. It’s understandable if you want to be with another person 24/7, but please be mindful of their interests and state of mind. Psychologist Eli Finkel recommends looking for hobbies and activities on your own instead of relying on your partner or friend for all of your existential needs. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to have experiences to share when you reunite with each other at the end of the day?

Building a strong relationship takes time and effort from both sides of the party. Feel free to share this video/article with your partner, friend, family member, or anyone you’d like to be closer with. The comfort, joy, and peace that stem from a successful relationship can transform a person in the best ways possible. Remember, you are always loved.


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