7 Signs Of Narcissistic Personality Disorder


Hello, Psych2goers. In this article, we’re going to explore traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. What is it actually? How is it like? We’ll dive deeper into the paragraphs below. As a disclaimer, this article is to provide possible features of narcissistic personality disorder, not a diagnosis. Please consult healthcare professionals if you have any further questions.

1. Being self-centred

In one case study, an NPD patient named Mr. X is someone who often needs help from therapists and clinics. During his therapy session, he would ask for more time, demand special treatment, argue with the staff and even neglected the boundary between himself and the healthcare professional, such as forcing them to receive a gift (Kacel, Ennis & Pereira, 2017).

2. Having ambiguous goals

In the same case of Mr. X, he also struggled with planning goals ahead. For example, whenever there is homework from his therapy session, he would always ignore it or blame the homework for not being clear enough for him to finish it. In addition, Mr. X tends to feel upset as his therapist suggests new implements of his condition (Kacel, Ennis & Pereira, 2017).

3. Holding untrue assumptions

In the same study but with another NPD patient, Ms. Y, her mind always contains a pessimistic perspective of the environment and the people around her. In other words, by judging others’ socioeconomic background, culture and belief, she is likely to label them negatively automatically and separates herself from them. Leaving her with interpersonal difficulties (Kacel, Ennis & Pereira, 2017).

4. Neglecting loved ones

According to another paper that looked at other NPD patients, such as Mr. A, who is considered as a subtype of high functioning or exhibitionistic, has other struggles as well. Based on his experience, he is able to attend social gatherings and parties without any difficulties. He also confesses having multiple lovers and close friends around him, but when it comes to his wife, he is no longer interested in her (Caligor, Levy, & Yeomans 2015).

5. Lacking empathy

Most of the time, people with NPD don’t realize his or her effect on others, since they mainly focus on their importance, their own self and their benefits. If people around them tell them that the way they treated others is uncaring or ruthless, people with NPD would most likely ignore their comments and refuse to change (Caligor, Levy, & Yeomans 2015).

6. Being fragile and comparative

In some cases, like Mr. C, who is the opposite of Mr. A and falls into the subtype of covert or low functioning category, tends to experience more desperation. Mr. C is someone who doesn’t feel interested or motivated in anything. As he described, he would always compare himself with others so he never feels he is adequate. Because of that, he merely boosts his supremacy by fantasizing about impossible encounters (Caligor, Levy, & Yeomans 2015).

7. Being antisocial

Some NPD patients are likely to show antisocial behavior, which is one of the most challenging conditions to treat. In certain extreme antisocial behavior, as Caligor, Levy & Yeomans (2015) addressed, NPD patients would seek happiness through sadism, which means torturing others. This includes physicians and therapists as well.


What do you think of this article? Did you discover anything new? Let us know in the comments!


Caligor, E., Levy, K. N., & Yeomans, F. E. (2015). Narcissistic personality disorder: Diagnostic and clinical challenges. American Journal of Psychiatry, 172(5), 415-422.

Kacel, E. L., Ennis, N., & Pereira, D. B. (2017). Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Clinical Health Psychology Practice: Case Studies of Comorbid Psychological Distress and Life-Limiting Illness. Behavioral medicine (Washington, D.C.), 43(3), 156–164. https://doi.org/10.1080/08964289.2017.1301875

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