7 Signs Someone Likes You But Is Trying To Hide It

Is there someone in your life who keeps sending you mixed signals? You feel like they like you, but you are not so sure… What if they’re just being friendly? What if it’s all in your head?? How can you know???

If those questions and that person are driving you crazy, keep reading and look out for 7 signs someone likes you but is trying to hide it!

1. Laughing from the heart

How good (or bad) is your sense of humor? Is your jokes repertoire based solely on “knock-knock” jokes?  But they still laugh, every time?

It probably means they like you! As stated by Norman Li, one of the researchers who studied humor, “if someone is interested in you, they should be more likely to perceive you as humorous and respond favorably (laugh), even if you’re objectively not all that funny”.

Also, they may try cracking some jokes in your company to see if you’d laugh. If you’re with a group of other people, you can recognize it if they happen to be looking at you a little bit more while trying out their humor.

2. It’s in the eyes – the windows to the soul

Do you often happen to look at them at the same moment they look at you? Chances are, they were already watching. Those lyrics “can’t keep my eyes off of you” actually have a pretty solid psychological background – you can’t look away when you look at something pretty or something you like.

But if they are really trying to hide it, they may be careful not to look, even if it’s tempting. Maybe you catch their gaze with the corner of your eye, but when you look at them they quickly look away. 

Either way, the eyes don’t lie, so pay attention!

3. Their voice may tell you

No matter how well they think they’re hiding their (non)attraction towards you, by listening to them, you can easily find out what’s actually on their mind.

Even if they probably don’t feel like telling you “Yes! I like you so much!” directly, you could try listening to how they say what they say.

A speech and language researcher from the University of Western Sydney, Dr Marina Kalashnikova, states that your voice can carry a lot of information about your feelings.

Is their pitch different when they talk to you? For guys, their pitch tends to get lower (more manly) and for girls higher (more girly) when they talk to someone they have a crush on. Also, are they suddenly talking faster than usual? Maybe they’re nervous to be around you. 

If you wish to know whether someone likes you, listen!

4. Trying hard to stay in contact

Are they trying really hard to stay in contact with you? You may think they are just being friendly, but sometimes it can mean they just want to talk to you any chance they get.

Your phone rings and it’s a message from them – a funny video from YouTube they wanted to show you, a meme that reminded them of you, this awesome new song that you absolutely need to hear…

Luckily for them, social media made it very easy to make an excuse to start a conversation with someone, and rest assured they’re going to take that opportunity if they like you!

5. Their body language is giving them away

Maybe they are trying to hide their feelings, but unless they are super attentive of their body language, they can’t really hide how their body and face react when they see you.

Here are a few out of many clear signs of attraction:

  • In general, when you like someone (romantically or not), your body is turned towards them. So, try to see if their body is always pointing in your direction, with their face and feet facing you.
  • They want to be close to you. Maybe they lean closer to you during a conversation or look to sit next to you in social gatherings. 
  • They blush when they see you. If their face gets a pinkish tone when you are in their company, it is probably from their heart beating extra fast from excitement!

6. Wanting to know everything about you

Sure, when you like someone even as a friend, you want to know more about their lives. And they may pretend they’re being great friends, too, but how can you know if it’s just friendliness or attraction?

Chances are, they have a crush if they are interested in details about your life. Your family, your favourite things, where you like to go, what you like to do… 

They want to know it all! And if they happen to actually remember some small detail about your favourite ice cream flavour that you don’t even remember mentioning… You know they wish they could take you out for that ice cream.

7. Avoiding the touch

Light and accidental touches usually happen when there are some feelings present. A hand on the back, a tap on the shoulder, removing hair from your face…

But does that mean if they don’t touch you, they aren’t interested? Doesn’t have to be, maybe they are just trying to hide it. Since touching is so intimate, they could be afraid of giving themselves away if they touch you. Maybe they feel they wouldn’t be able to hide nervous trembling, blushing or their heart beating faster.

Pay attention the next time you see them!

Was there someone on your mind while you were reading this article? Do you think they could be hiding their feelings for you?

Hopefully, you have a crush on them too, and this article will help you understand their possible hidden feelings and help you make a move. If not, maybe you’ve learned something and you know what to look for one day you get a feeling someone likes you.

Either way, have fun and thank you for reading!

If you wish to find out more about topics on attraction, feel free to check out some of the videos from Psych2Go’s YouTube channel:


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