7 Signs You Are Overweight

Modern lifestyle rarely allows people to control what and how much they eat. It is the reason why obesity became a nowadays scourge, and excess weight disturbs a lot of people. We must feel our bodies and take care of them not only to be healthy and live a long life but to be happy. Hence, it is important to monitor signals by the body and control our diet and nutrition regimen. However, we need to say that numbers are not the main determinant of extra weight. If you feel good and do not have problems with your health, you mustn’t slim. But if you find one of the signals from the list below, it is better to go to a doctor, start using a fat burner, and take on your lifestyle with diet.

1. Body Mass Index is Big

BMI is a way to calculate a correlation between the weight and height of a person. If it is balanced, the number should be 18.5-24.9. Overweight is 25-29.9, and if the number is above 30, it means that you have obesity. However, this index does not describe the amount of fat in the body; so, you cannot orient only on this measurement, and it is better to consult a doctor.

2. Physical Activity Is Hard for You

When you feel that going upstairs from one floor to another or walking 100 meters is a too complicated task for you, it means that your body is too heavy for your joints. They are enduring, but their surface can ruin. It is a very harmful and dangerous process. Also, you should remember: if you decide to lose weight, it is prohibited to start the physical activity without consulting a doctor and trainer.

3. High Levels of Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Fat can be a reason for many problems with health, especially heart disorders and type II diabetes. Numbers over a healthy range can be dangerous; so. if your doctor says that you have high cholesterol (a special waxy substance in our cells), and/or you are suffering from hypertension, you need to control measurements to avoid early death and try to stop being overweight. Cholesterol is associated with plates forming in blood vessels, which can become a reason for atherosclerotic vascular disease, for example.

4. You Only Add Weight and Never Lose

In general, it is normal to slightly put on weight when you become older. But scientists notice that people who add 5-10 pounds every year have serious problems with their dietary regime and are overweight. This can have a catastrophic effect finally.   

5. You Have an Underline Risk for Some Diseases

Genes play an integral role in our health. If your ancestors have colorectal or breast cancer, diabetes, and some other illnesses, you must control your diet and try to avoid becoming overweight because there is a high risk of provoking inherited health problem development. Also, you can have family addiction to being overweight; so, you also need to monitor the quality and amount of eaten food.

6. Your Snoring Bothers You and/or Your Family

Overweight people have too much fat on the neck, which affects narrowing of the airway and calls apnea – shallow breathing. Due to this, your brain does not get enough oxygen, and, as a result, you may have different problems, even permanent fatigue. So, if your relatives say that your snore can wake up dead, most likely, you have extra weight, and it is time to start fighting with it.

7. Your Weight Hampers Your Life

Extra body weight affects problems not only with health but also with communication with other people and routine tasks. If you often hear unpleasant comments about your body, make excuses for your parameters, can’t afford some activities like sport games, probably, you need to lose weight. 

Finally, we need to say it again: if you feel good, the doctor has no admonition about your health, some extra weight does not bother you to have full, interesting life – you are not bound to thin down! However, is it not about you, and you mention at least one sign from the list, we kindly ask you to start to control your diet and consult with a specialist about your way to slim figure and health. 

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