7 Signs You Have found your Ideal Partner

At some point, we’ve all been there– leafing through pages of Cosmopolitan or its Gen Z equivalent to find things that will confirm or assure us that the person we are with is our ideal partner. You talk to family and friends to make sure that your partner gets the okay. 

However, despite the rigorous screening processes you conduct, sometimes you break up with your partner. So, how can you tell if you have found your ideal partner or not?

Here are seven signs you have found the one. 

  • The relationship is balanced. 

Balance is necessary for a long-term relationship. It needs to flow. Balance in a relationship may refer to many things. The most common example is a balance in personalities: one is extroverted; the other is introverted. However, balance can also refer to chores and roles in the relationship. 

You will notice if your relationship is balanced or not if things go smoothly–you two naturally fall into synchronized steps.  

  • You both communicate effectively. 

To achieve balance in a relationship, you both need to know how to communicate with each other. Communication extends beyond words. Communication is largely about subtext–what do we say when we are not speaking. To communicate effectively, you need to clearly explain your thoughts in a way that the other person understands. It is harder than you think. Proper communication takes years of practice, but it’s achievable. It becomes easier to achieve when you know your audience. In the context of a relationship, your audience is your partner. 

The other large, and perhaps the more important, part of communication is listening. I think that is something we all need to learn how to do. Listening involves paying attention to and being receptive to the feedback you are receiving. 

  • You trust each other.

This one is a given, but no relationship, romantic or otherwise, works if you do not trust each other. There’s no way around it. You have to trust one another. If you cannot trust your partner or your partner cannot trust you, the relationship will not work. 

Trust opens the door for vulnerability, respect, and intimacy. Eventually, these things, along with other aspects, come together to create love. These qualities of love manifest themselves in different ways– from being supportive, respecting each other’s alone time, and being affectionate. 

  • You share the same values and try to achieve them as a couple. 

This point also falls under having a balanced relationship. But, sharing the same values also makes it easier to figure out where your relationship is going. An ideal partner will likely be heading the same direction you are, and they will want to be by your side on the journey. You and your partner should be on the same page about the big things such as marriage, kids, and the future. 

  • But, you also respect each other’s differing views. 

It’s all right if neither of you shares similar opinions on ice cream flavors or holiday traditions. What matters is that both of you respect each other enough to agree to disagree. 

  • You both value and keep your promises to each other. 

This point ties in with whether you trust each other or not. Trust is vital in a relationship. It has the power to bind people and, in a split second, push them apart. Trust is fragile, so it is important to keep the promises you make to each other. Your ideal partner will strive to fulfill the promises they make to you. 

  • You both are beyond aesthetics.

The last sign that you have found your ideal partner is that you are beyond aesthetics. Sure, attraction is necessary to fall in love, and it does remerge throughout the relationship. However, when you have found the ideal partner, you are not with them because they look a certain way. You are with them because you enjoy being with them. Because you’ve fallen in love with who they are, not what they look like. The same goes for them. 

We all want to find the right person to spend the rest of our lives with. Hence, the constant need for reassurance that we have made the right choice. However, when you know, you know. 


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