7 Signs You’re An ENFP, The Most Imaginative Type

Before we begin, we would like to make a disclaimer that this video is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, which is just a theory and has personality types that are just rough tendencies rather than strict classifications. With that being said, let’s start this article!

Have you ever wondered what your personality type is? Many people are sceptical about each person having a specific set of behaviours, and they have all the reasons to be. As mentioned above, the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory is just a theory and can only roughly describe a set of tendencies that people have. However, this theory was based on studies and research, and can also be used as a good reference point to get to know yourself better as you read more about some tendencies that you might have, but don’t notice. Of course, you also have to be careful since there is a possibility that you adopt a behaviour that you didn’t have before just because you read that you’re supposed to be doing that. In this article, I will be addressing 7 signs you’re an ENFP, the most imaginative personality type in the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory. ENFP stands for Extroverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving (Truity, 2020).

You want to deeply understand things and people

Are you someone who is never satisfied with knowing things on a superficial level? As an ENFP, you will always try to go beyond when learning and understanding. Your natural curiosity makes you question things until you understand the underlying basics (Storm, 2020). This is similar with people because you know that everyone has several layers to their personalities and behaviours. Regarding people, you will try to create a safe space where people, and yourself, can show both their bright and dark side with an emphasis on honesty and authenticity, rather than appropriateness (Storm, 2020).

You are very creative

ENFPs are known to be the most creative and imaginative personality type among the 16 types described in the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory. Would you describe yourself as a person who is always full of new ideas and thoughts? One of the biggest signs that you are an ENFP is that you have an imaginative approach to problem solving. You will constantly try to think of new things because you don’t believe that traditional ways are always the best (Truity, 2020). You actually like to confront challenges because these give you opportunities to use your creativity and solve the problem through a unique and original way.

You don’t express extreme opinions

Do you tend to avoid making extreme remarks when talking with people? One of the signs that you might be an ENFP is that you don’t express any extreme opinions. As an ENFP, you would rather keep your mind open. Usually, people who make extreme remarks are people who have the belief that their approach and perspective of a certain topic is completely right. However, this is not possible for you, since you believe that you could be proven wrong at any time (Relationship Rules, 2018). Additionally, you refuse to impose your beliefs on other people.

You have a very big social circle

How easily and often do you make friends? If you have a very large social circle, there is a chance that you might be an ENFP. Your extroverted nature as an ENFP makes it easy for you to add new friends into your social circle, resulting in it growing more and more as time passes by. Additionally, your approach to life is very flexible and you can pretty much get along with anyone you meet (Relationship Rules, 2018). Your extroversion and flexibility make you such a likeable person, so you will be constantly surrounded by a large circle of friends.

You prioritise communication

How well would you say you communicate with others? How usual do people misunderstand something you say? As an ENFP, you will have excellent communication skills. What’s more, you know exactly how to use your communication skills to engage in conversations with people. Because of this, you are a very important member in social groups, whether these are casual or professional (Truity, 2020). ENFPs always consider communication as a very important aspect in life. You know that communication is the best way for people to solve conflicts and form strong relationships.

You are very persuasive

How easily can you convince people? Being very persuasive can be a telling sign that you have the ENFP personality type. Your intuition and knowledge of what people need and want can be a very powerful tool when you are trying to convince people (Storm, 2020). With this knowledge, you can easily persuade people to do things in line with your ideas. Additionally, you take pleasure in motivating people and bringing the best out of them (Jhoon, 2020).

You hate doing repetitive tasks

Are you someone who refuses to let your life turn into a routine day after day? This can be a sign that you are an ENFP. As someone who constantly has new ideas and thoughts, you will completely reject doing repetitive tasks (Storm, 2020). Being a prisoner of repetitive habits and a daily routine can make you feel extremely depressed. What you crave are new experiences, and a diversity of different activities. As mentioned before, you like facing challenges to develop your creative thinking and imagination.

To conclude, if you can relate with the signs that I have mentioned in this article, you possess the most imaginative and creative personality in the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory. As an ENFP, you are known to have a very open mind and an assertive approach to life. You are flexible with how you treat different people and will always seek activities that make you use your creative mind.


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