7 Smart Post Holiday Health Checkups You Should Do

The holidays are an excellent time for you to let your hair down, spend time with those you care about and generally do things that we don’t get to during the year.

It’s not strange for Australians to gain a couple of kilos over Christmas or long holidays, after all, it’s one of the reasons we look forward to a long-earned break.

Holidays bring with them certain medical peculiarities. That’s why we compiled this list of some of the essential medical checks you should carry out after the holidays.

Weight Gain

It doesn’t take much for you to gain some holiday weight, and this is especially true during Christmas. After the merriment associated with the holidays, you should have your weight measured.

Statistically, people who are 40% overweight are twice as likely to die a premature death compared to people who aren’t.

Obesity has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, gout and much more.

STDs Checkup

If you had sexual relations away from home during the holidays, you should get a comprehensive health checkup when you come back.

Even if you didn’t have sex with someone who isn’t your spouse, you should consider getting STD tested to be on the safe side.

Some diseases cannot be diagnosed immediately upon return so you’ll need additional STD checks three and six months after your holiday.

In the meantime, practice safe sex.

Periodic Checkup

Whether or not you feel fine after a trip, you need to get regular health checks to enable you to maintain excellent health.

It’ll do you good to schedule a checkup a few weeks after a significant holiday or after you return from a vacation.

If you live in or around Lake Haven then you’re in luck, there’s a vibrant dental surgery practice located in the heart of Lake Haven to serve all your dental needs.


If you visited a developing country during the holidays, then you should consider visiting your medical practitioner for worming medication upon your return.

This is especially important if you’ve been “roughing it,” living and eating with the locals. If you’re suffering from diarrhoea or you just recovered from it, then you should consider undertaking a bowel exam.

Mobile Support

If for some reason you’re unable to fully-function physically, then you should consider investing in a means of personal transport.

If you recently sustained a severe injury, a mobility scooter can be the perfect way for you to achieve a higher level of physical independence.

The last thing you want is to be a burden on those you love when you can do more with the help of a mobility scooter.

Personal transport aides are worth considering.


If there’s a possibility that you were exposed to water contaminated with Bilharzia (Schistosomiasis), then you need a checkup even if you feel perfectly fine.

Schistosomiasis testing usually involves a blood test undertaken three months after you return from your holiday and last exposure to potentially contaminated water.

This test can be carried out again six months after your last contact or return from your holiday.

Cholesterol Test

After a season full of dinners and parties, LDL cholesterol levels can climb. When the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol is building up on your artery walls, it will exponentially increase your chances of developing heart disease.

You want to keep your LDL cholesterol number very low. The lower, the better, less than 100mg/dL is the optimal level. If you have blood vessel disease or heart disease, then you should try to get your LDL cholesterol level closer to 70.

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