7 Things Confident People Avoid Doing

7 Things Confident People Avoid Doing

Ever wondered what makes certain people so attention-catching? That’s because one of those traits happen to be confidence. There’s something about confidence that appeals to people. From the way they act to the way that they talk, that belief in themselves proves to be most appealing. Although other traits do contribute to making an individual appealing, confidence plays its own part which is why people often say “confidence is the key to success”. Now let us go through a list of things confident people avoid doing.

1. They Don’t Push the Blame

What has blame got to do with confidence? Personally, a confident person is not afraid of taking responsibility for their actions. They are also responsible people who are able to bear the consequences of their actions instead of shifting the blame to someone else. This is because confident people view mistakes as an opportunity to learn from them so that they may better themselves.

2. They Don’t Seek Attention

People usually dislike attention-seekers. Why? The reason is that attention-seekers tend to crave constant validation. On the other hand, confident people are never desperate for attention. This is because they know that being themselves is more genuine and honest than changing themselves specifically to appeal to others. They also understand that although attention can feel pleasant, they do not  particularly need it to validate themselves.

3.They Don’t Act Arrogant

There are a lot of times when confidence and arrogance get mixed up with each other. Confidence can sometimes be perceived as arrogance and vice versa. Let’s try to make it a bit clearer. For example, being good at building LEGOs. A confident person would genuinely try to help you. An arrogant person would also help you but only to show that he/she is better than you. This example might not be entirely accurate, but I think you get the idea. Confident people lift others up because they know that arrogance is based on putting others down. They also know that confidence is the about being comfortable with oneself without having to put others down (PowerOfPositivity 2020).

4. They Don’t Escape from Discomfort

Ever get that strong urge to run away from an uncomfortable situation? Fret not, it is normal. Confident people do feel discomfort too. However, they tend to try and embrace that discomfort to adapt to it better. This is done because confident people understand that being uncomfortable can help them to expand their comfort zones and help grow as a person. Additionally, confident people may view comfort as a form of stagnancy which they feel may result in complacency (Bradberry 2020).

5.They Don’t Fish for Compliments

Pretty sure most of us have come across situations where we see people act a certain way to get complimented. According to Wallen (2020), confident people know that their self-worth is not based on compliments or the opinions of others. They also understand that compliments can also inflate an individual’s ego and that is not what they need. Instead, they focus on improving themselves as they know that confidence lies internally instead of externally.

6. They Don’t Give Up

Depending on the situation, confident people never quit halfway. Although things may not go as planned, confident people understand that setbacks and failure are stepping stones to success. Ever heard of the phrase “failure is the mother of success”? When faced with problems, they often learn and find ways to improve. They understand that quitting halfway could also be a potential waste of effort and time.

7.They Don’t Lie to Themselves

Have you ever lied to yourself? It is not uncommon to do so but it can be an unhealthy habit. Alternatively, confident people always try to be honest with themselves. This is because they rarely see any valuable reason to lie to themselves. They know that running away from the reality of a situation can be more painful than the truth sometimes. They are usually able to handle the truth and understand that although the truth can be harsh, honestly is still the best policy.

How many of these points do you recognize in people you know? If any of these points apply to you, you are on the journey to becoming a confident person. Although we all aspire to become confident people, we must understand that confidence does not come overnight. It takes time to build up confidence. At times we may feel unconfident, but that’s okay too because I doubt anyone is confident all the time. We must also be careful not mistake confidence for arrogance or narcissism.



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