7 Things That Scare Introverts The Most

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Hello Psych2goers! Do you know someone who is an introvert? Are you worried that you might do or say something that will make them feel uncomfortable? 

Well, it’s really nice of you to consider making someone feel safe and comfortable. 

In today’s article, let’s take a look at 7 things that scare introverts the most and make sure we are more mindful of these whenever we interact with our beloved introverts again.

Being put on the spot.

One of the biggest fears of an introvert is being caught off guard and being asked to say or do something that they aren’t prepared for. Having people stare at you whilst you are framing your sentences and preparing yourself to speak can often feel intimidating and uncomfortable. 

Public speaking.

It doesn’t matter if they are speaking at an award ceremony, giving a class presentation, or speaking at a family gathering, the thought of being the center of attention in any way, shape, or form is truly terrifying. 

Getting trapped in social situations.

Nothing is more daunting than becoming engrossed in a social obligation that can last for hours (like public speaking or attending large parties). When their energy levels are high, introverts prefer shorter engagements, but when things drag on, it becomes impossible to focus and honestly, it can get quite uncomfortable!

Being alone.

We all need affection and company, but as an introvert, it can be challenging because it’s not that they are trying to avoid spending time with their loved ones, it’s just that sometimes they prefer their own company or having intimate gatherings around the people who make them feel safe and comfortable. 

People labeling them as ‘rude’.

When you meet an introvert, you may notice that they are quiet and reserved, and it might be tough to figure out what they are thinking. As a result, people may regard them as rude.

It’s critical to recognize that an introvert may simply want more time to get to know you before they feel comfortable and eager to open up.

Team-building exercises.

Introverts can make excellent team players since being a team player entails being committed to the group’s goals. Team-building exercises, on the other hand, are a different matter. But the awkward small talk and trust falls? That might not be the most thrilling prospect for them.

Job interviews.

Don’t get me wrong, introverts can be brilliant and most of them might ace all their interviews but, something about being in a room with a stranger asking you intimidating questions just doesn’t sit right and that might easily be an introvert’s biggest nightmare. 

Do you think we missed out on something? Comment down below and help other introverts feel like they are not alone.


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