7 Ways to Deal with Jealousy

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2. Recognize that uncertainty is normal and part of life.

Feeling unsure at times is expected. After all, no one can predict the future. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have such high rates of anxiety, which is built upon the foundation of threat fueled by unfamiliarity. If you’re in a relationship and you’re worried about your partner potentially cheating on you or breaking up with you for someone else, realize that your uncertainty is valid. After all, you will never know whether or not your partner will reject you.

But, not knowing and the uncertainty that comes with it is a limitation that you should learn to accept. Because if you don’t, your obsessive thoughts and concerns will only consume you. This influences your mind to roam and you may end up creating a problem before it even exists. Instead of focusing on the what-if’s, learn to appreciate the present by practicing mindfulness.

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  1. Hi! Jealousy is a very psychologically interesting topic and there is a lot of evolutionary theory behind it, which makes it a great topic to talk about. Everything here was written and developed well. The suggestions of CBT and mindfulness were a great and very thoughtful addition. However, I noticed that in the introduction, you briefly mention detatchment, but you haven’t expanded on its role and its popularity (if popularity is what you meant by the statement, I wasn’t too sure). I think that there is room for you to explain this further and how this relates to jealousy. But otherwise, great job!

    1. Hi Rosie, thanks as always for your input! =) I took in your suggestion and expanded further upon detachment. And yes! CBT and mindfulness are amazing methods I often use when my mental health isn’t doing so well. Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a great day! =)

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