7 Ways to Deal with Jealousy

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3. Examine your assumptions about relationships.

Do you ever wonder where your jealousy stems from? One way to deal with jealousy is by understanding how it formed. Your childhood experiences can definitely play a part on what triggers you to feel anxiety and insecurity within your romantic relationships. For instance, if your parents divorced due to an extramarital affair or one of them left, you may believe that the same thing will happen to you. Or, if you experienced being cheated on in your past relationship, that can also affect the way you view your current relationship. It’s hard not to let the past color the way you view the present, but learn to differentiate between the two. It’s good practice to examine the evidence that you have, rather than making assumptions and relying on them as ultimate truths.

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  1. Hi! Jealousy is a very psychologically interesting topic and there is a lot of evolutionary theory behind it, which makes it a great topic to talk about. Everything here was written and developed well. The suggestions of CBT and mindfulness were a great and very thoughtful addition. However, I noticed that in the introduction, you briefly mention detatchment, but you haven’t expanded on its role and its popularity (if popularity is what you meant by the statement, I wasn’t too sure). I think that there is room for you to explain this further and how this relates to jealousy. But otherwise, great job!

    1. Hi Rosie, thanks as always for your input! =) I took in your suggestion and expanded further upon detachment. And yes! CBT and mindfulness are amazing methods I often use when my mental health isn’t doing so well. Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a great day! =)

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