8 inspiring quotes of friendship you should know about

A friend is someone with whom we can be ourselves without fearing any judgement. A good friend not only cares about you but also calls you out when you do something wrong. They don’t use you or belittle you. 

A good friendship is based on qualities like trusting each other, being real with each other, respecting and supporting each other and looking out for each other. 


Here, are some inspiring quotes of friendship you should know about:


1. “Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.”

When you are with the right people it feels like everything will be alright because they have always got your back. Their influence on your life makes you a better person. Even if they don’t fully agree with you, they still try to be supportive of you. They act as your cheerleaders and make you realise what your true potential is.

2. “Sometimes just being with your good friends is all the therapy you need.”

Sometimes when you have a bad day, talking to your friends is all it takes to lighten your heart. They actively listen to what you have to say and they understand that sometimes all you want to do is talk, without wanting them to solve your problems. And when things get rough they provide you with comfort and change your bad day into a good one.

3. “Best friends are people you do everything and nothing with and still have the best time.”

Being with your best friends always ends up being a good time, even if all you did was lay in the room and stare at the ceiling, without uttering a word. You do everything with them. It can be anything like going out to eat and watching a movie, or studying together or discussing your dreams and plans with each other. Whatever you do you always feel good when you spend time with them.

4. “The right people will hear you, even if you are not talking.”

Talking with some people feels like talking to a wall. No matter what you say or how you say it they never seem to understand. But with your friends all it takes for them is to see the look on your face to understand what you are feeling. They can tell something is bothering you without you saying it to them because they notice things about you.

5. “There are friendships imprinted in our hearts that will never be diminished by time and distance.”

There are some friendships which always stay with you even if both of you are living in different cities or timezones. Maybe you don’t talk to each other everyday but whenever you do,it always feels like yesterday,and even when both of you have changed, the bond between you remains the same.

6. “Sometimes you meet people and you click instantly with them, that you don’t have to pretend to be someone else.”

Have you ever meet someone and wonder why it feels like you have known each other for years? There are few people you meet for the first time and have that instant click that you feel, you can be yourself with them. That there’s no reason to pretend to be someone with them. And sometimes they even have the same personality and quirks like you, that it feels like you are meeting a version of yourself.

7. “Friends are the chosen family.”

The people we see as our friends may not be related to us but it doesn’t stop them from being important to us. And they automatically become our chosen family. For some people their friends are their only family. And they provide the comfort and support that they couldn’t find from their families. 

8. “Having a few close friends is better than having a lot of acquaintances.”

Being surrounded with a few close friends, who knows you and understand you is much better than being with people who don’t really know you much.



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