8 Problems Only Deep Thinkers Face

8 Problems Only Deep Thinkers Face

Have you ever found yourself in situations that make you question your intelligence? You also find yourself encountering these problems but few people around you are able to relate to them? If that’s the case, it could be a sign that your thoughts have more depth than the people around you. In this article, I will be going through the 8 problems only deep thinkers face. Let’s take a look at how many you can relate with.

1. Over Analysing

Looking way further into things than you normally should can be one of the problems deep thinkers face. This is because you prefer to try and think about as many positive and the negative aspects of the situation before coming to a conclusion. This can often slow down your decision-making due to over analysing matters as you tend to explore for the best outcome possible.


2. Perfectionism

In relation to the problem of over analysing, perfectionism can also be a problem deep thinkers face. Aiming for the perfect outcome can sometimes be the result of wanting to put your intellect to good use. In doing so, it can be difficult for a deep thinker to be content with their work or achievements as they are always aiming for the perfect result. Although it can sometimes be perceived as seeking room for improvement, it can also be perceived as being insufficient.

3. Self-Critique

Building on the trait of perfectionism, being too critical can also be a problem. Although it is healthy to push ourselves to do better sometimes, being too harsh on ourselves can also be detrimental. Due to the aim for perfectionism, you may find yourself being too self-critical when things do not go as what you wanted it to be. At times, it may sprout feelings of self-doubt on your intelligence and capabilities. However, it can also spur you on to succeed even further.

4. Workload

Due to the want to do better, you may find yourself being assigned more tasks as compared to others. Whether it is school group work or general tasks, people may rely on you more for help due to your thought process. You may be delegated more work as people know about your unique perspectives and your desire to do better. As a result, you may find yourself undertaking more work than you can handle.

5. Different Perspectives

Having difficulty relating to most people can be a bit bothersome at times as you may have a unique perspective as compared to others. Due to this, you may find yourself having a bit of trouble sharing the same views with people as you tend to think differently from them. Although it might be a little inconvenient, you probably should not have too much trouble connecting with others.

6. Second-Guessing

Although having a unique perspective on things can be a good thing to have, you may find that you question your thought process sometimes. You may ask yourself why you are not thinking the same way most people think. You may also start to question your own thought process as you find that it does not seem to fit into the norm of general perspectives that most people may have. As a result, you may second-guess yourself at times. However, being a deep thinker does make you explore different viewpoints which also means are cautious when it comes to decision-making.


7. Small Talk

Another problem that deep thinkers face is that they dislike small talk. The general idea of disliking small talk is that deep thinkers sometimes prefer to talk about deeper topics and discuss about them. The preference to talk about these topics is because they see more value in discussing those points rather than to engage in small talk. Although they dislike small talk, they also understand that it can be necessary in building connections with other people.

8. Wrong Impression

Although being a deep thinker can be a good thing, it can sometimes be not that great for you. At times, your thought process allows you to seemingly display more intelligence that can sometimes allow people to have a wrong impression of you. They may misunderstand and view you as a person who is proud and arrogant as they feel that you might be showing off. Thankfully, not all people are like that. Some people will be able to appreciate and commend you for your intelligence and you may surprise them with your unique perspective.



How many of these problems can you relate with? It is perfectly fine if you are unable to relate with most of them. In this case, being a deep thinker can prove to be both a blessing and maybe a curse. Although this article highlights the problems that deep thinkers face, there are probably many positive aspects to being a deep thinker as well. Therefore, if you have these problems as well, do not feel bad for it is normal. Instead, embrace this unique gift that has been given to you.

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