8 Psychological Reasons That Make You Attractive

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Have you ever thought about what makes certain people attractive? Did the question seem daunting? Well, today, we’re here to help unravel that mystery just a little bit.

There are actually psychological reasons that explain why we may find certain people attractive, and you might be surprised to learn that a lot of factors have nothing to do with what you see in the mirror. Let’s begin: Here are 8 psychological reasons that make you attractive.

1. Your smell

Have you ever wondered why your partner’s favorite jacket or shirt means so much to you? Why it reminds you of them? It turns out that your smell actually plays a big part in your attractiveness.

For one, smells can be direct connections to unforgettable events, moments, and memories. But it also impacts a certain type of hormone called pheromones. According to a 2013 study done by J. Verhaege and others, we don’t quite know the entire role of pheromones in the human body, but we do know that it is connected to both the olfactory system and partner selection (Verhaege et al. 2013).

Essentially, this means that the smells of certain chemicals given off by your body, often through sweat, can make you more attractive to certain people (Verhaege et al. 2013).

2. Your chemistry

Yes, romantic chemistry is real! Have you ever felt chemistry with someone, or seen great chemistry between two people? You aren’t making it up.

According to Biological Anthropologist Helen Fisher, PhD, romantic chemistry is actually directly linked to brain chemistry! Fisher explained that when we are attracted to someone, there is heightened activity in certain neurotransmitter and hormonal systems, including dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen (Fisher 2012).

So when you meet someone, and you feel great, your heart grows aflutter, and you feel drawn to them, don’t ignore these signs. You two probably have great chemistry, and this person might be attracted to you in the same way, too!

3. Your diet

Did you know that what you eat in front of someone can make you seem more or less attractive? According to an article from Bright Side, research shows that this applies more to a man, and that men eating a healthier diet makes them more attractive (Bright Side).

A 2017 study by Andrea Zuniga and others explains that a healthier diet, consisting of fruits and vegetables make men more attractive (Zuniga et al. 2017). There is the more obvious reason that a healthy diet relates directly to good health, which has evolved to be more favorable in a partner. But remember those pheromones? The study also showed that over time, a healthier diet can actually make men’s smells overall more attractive (Zuniga et al. 2017).

So the more you eat your fruit and vegetables, the more attractive you’ll be!

4. Body ratios

Did you know that people have grown to determine your attractiveness based on certain body proportions? Features such as symmetrical facial bone structure, and other ratios, such as a hip to shoulder ratio can make some people seem more attractive, according to Insider. (Lentz 2018).

While we have included body ratios on our list for scientific reasons, we want you to know that all shapes and sizes are beautiful and attractive. While certain ratios are known to have a biological and evolutionary advantage, it definitely does not make others unattractive!

5. Your proximity

You know that guy who was in your class for 5 years in a row? Or the girl in your family friend group growing up? Did you ever develop a crush on them?

Being close in proximity to someone–that is, being physically near them–for longer periods of time, can make you more attractive to someone! According to an article by Cheyenne Lentz from Insider, proximity makes us more likely to see people frequently, and therefore more psychologically drawn to these people (Lentz 2018).

6. Your kindness

Kindness matters! Not only in making friends, but being kind to others can actually make you more attractive.

According to Lindsay Dodgson from Insider, studies show that associating positive personality traits, such as kindness and cooperation, with a face makes the face more attractive, compared to the perceived attractiveness of the same face with neutral or negative personality associations (Dodgson 2018).

Being kind can project that you are a selfless and considerate person, and therefore someone great to be with in a long-term relationship.

7. Your personalities mesh well

When it comes to relationships, do opposites attract? Or are you better off with someone who acts like you? The answer to these questions is unclear, because it depends heavily upon your situation. However, the most important thing is that both of your personalities can work well together.

Some people might find you more attractive if you’re similar to them. It may make you appear more trustworthy and they might be more comfortable around you, if they see a little bit of themselves in you (Dodgson 2018). On the other hand, people may also find you attractive if you are different from them. Research explains a genetic advantage to this in terms of having a kid, but besides that, someone may view your uniqueness as sort of a missing piece (Dodgson 2018). They may feel that your differences are interesting, and therefore make you more attractive to them.

8. You take care of yourself

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you can’t love someone else until you love yourself”? It is so important to love and take care of yourself, because it can ensure that your relationships will be healthier and longer lasting. And, as an added bonus, projecting self-love and self-care makes you more attractive!

How? Those who look healthy are seen as more attractive (Lentz 2018). And looking healthy goes way beyond appearance–those who take care of themselves are generally happier as well (Dodgson 2018)!

We hope you enjoyed learning about a few of the psychological reasons that make you attractive. Which ones did you relate to? Let us know. Thanks for reading!


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