8 Reasons To Love an Introvert

Watch Our Video Titled “8 Reasons To Love an Introvert”

If you’re an introvert and you happen to agree with these, kindly share.

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  1. I’ve met this someone. and of course he was an introvert. we’ve became friends. sooner became closer and closer and spend a lot of our time with each other. we understand things clearly. He also makes me think and realized quite a lot of things. But not so long ago. he told me that he realized that he needs me. So I was confused,. I ask him again if he really needs me or he wants me. sooner he will answering my question. I’m kinda confused that the video says that introverts wants you. but they don’t need you. that’s all thanks πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been called weird more times than by my first name. Now I say, “weird and loving it!’ Thank you for being a proponent of us weirdos.

  3. I’m an introvert, true I want people in my life, and I’m fussy on who I want in my life, I have many friends who like me but only a handful of people I care to be around all the time. I have never had a reason to need to someone, now that I am older and have grandchildren I am understanding the reasons to need someone in my life, I will eventually need someone to help me as even now I find it difficult to perform certain tasks that I once use to do without thinking about it. I don’t go out much if at all to mingle about, I do my errands and am content to just stay home to cook, clean and play games on my computer. Introverts don’t like drama of any kind either but find themselves in the middle of it at times and it is frustrating to say the least, introverts do socialize on media via facebook or some site they randomly come across and when giving an opinion and then to just get knocked down for it, they are left feeling helpless and sad and rather confused.

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