8 Signs You’re Feeling Uninspired (And How To Fix It)

Have you ever been overwhelmed by a general feeling of “blah?”  Have you ever wanted to do the things you enjoy doing but had no motivation to go about doing them?  Or have you maybe just been in a seemingly inescapable funk?

You’ve likely answered yes to at least one of those questions, and the reason is probably that you were feeling uninspired.

It happens to the best of us.  We lose our way, forget which direction we want to go in, and abandon the passion we once had that worked to drive us there.  Our lives become mundane and monotonous.

To fix a problem, you have to understand it, though.  So here are some sure signs that you are uninspired:

1. You’re Bored

Can’t find anything that interests you?  Don’t know what to do with yourself? Have you found yourself laying around almost listlessly?  You definitely fall into the “uninspired” category, where nothing feels like the right thing to do and getting around to doing anything feels difficult.  Don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of company. But to get around the problem, you’ve got to tackle it where it begins: boredom.

2. You Can’t Concentrate 

It’s much easier to concentrate when you’re working on something you are truly interested in.  You can focus better when you like and care about what you’re doing; that’s how attention works.  So if you find your mind wandering off to different places while you’re trying to finish something, lack of inspiration is a likely culprit.  Find the thing that grabs your attention, work on it for a while, and your ability to concentrate will have reset itself.

3. You Feel Unhappy

Inspiration is a part of what makes us happy!  Try and think back to a time when you were excited to work on a project or do something exhilarating, a time when a sense of purpose flowed through you and you were roused and ready to take on a challenge.  Isn’t that memory a happy one? The two go hand in hand, and it makes sense that they do! Being unhappy is a definite symptom here. Practicing gratitude is a great way to remind yourself of happy things and remember the things that inspire you.

4. You Can’t Make Decisions

I know I’m uninspired when I can’t make simple decisions.  I find myself getting totally stuck trying to decide whether to make coffee at home or go enjoy a cup at a local shop.  Or which chores I want to get done that day. Or even deciding what to wear. The reason is most likely that I’m so apathetic that I don’t even care which choice I go with, but either way, I know the reason why this happens.   Making lists helps me tremendously. Both to-do lists and pro/con lists help me make decisions and get around the apathy that go along with being uninspired.

5. You Have No Spark

You know that spark.  The thing that lights up your face when you talk about it.  The thing that sends you into an animated conversation when you talk about it.  And you know that sometimes you struggle to find that thing, that spark. You can’t seem to recall that fiery passion  You’re uninspired. In these situations, it’s great to try a new hobby. Feel around for new and exciting things that may pique your interest and send you into impassioned work.

6. You’re Not Energetic

If you look up synonyms for “inspired,” one of the first words to pop up is “energized.”  So if you find yourself staying in bed all day, too tired to be productive and mindlessly scrolling through social media, there’s a good chance what’s actually happening has to do with your level of inspiration.  When you’re alight with inspiration, it’s amazing how much more alive you feel. But the opposite can also be true because of how the two correlate. So push yourself to get up and get moving, and you’ll probably find your inspiration along the way.

7. Your Imagination is Nonexistent 

Okay, so perhaps we don’t use our imaginations as often as we did when we were kids.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a useful tool to get through life. And when you’re uninspired and can’t think creatively, your life can suffer the consequences.  The solution here can be as simple as seeking out creativity. Are you a writer? Look up story prompts or journaling activities to get your thoughts and ideas flowing.  An artist? Try working with a different medium. If you aren’t generally creative, try just picking up a book on a topic you’ve never read about before. Sometimes the littlest things can take our minds to magnificent places.

8. You’re Struggling To Solve Problems

A great deal of problem-solving relates back to thinking creatively and imaginatively.  To extricate yourself from a problematic situation often required thinking outside the box and looking at the issue from an alternate angle.  But when you’re uninspired, it becomes harder to do such tasks. You might not even feel like you want to solve the problem. Some might call that laziness, but if you dig a little deeper, you might realize that you just require a jolt of inspiration!  Talk to a friend about the problems you’re having. A fresh perspective is bound to help.

If all else fails, you might need to try taking a break from whatever your “normal” is —step away from all the social media platforms, walk away from your work desk, maybe take a walk and get some sun, and give yourself time to recharge your batteries.

Regardless of why you find yourself uninspired and giving in to lack of enthusiasm, the key to getting back on track might just be to notice your lack of inspiration, catch it right from the start, and work on combatting it from there.  Once you notice and want to change it, you’ve taken the first step.

The best of us might come to lack inspiration at times, but we don’t have to lack it forever!

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  1. Thanks alot! I thought I have depression, but now I know that it’s really just lack of inspiration. You really helped me out! 😄

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