8 Things That Will Make Others Like You IMMEDIATELY

(This article is for educational purposes and is partly based on personal opinions. This article is not a substitute for professional advice, but general guidance. We advise you to always listen to your intuition and always do what is right for you.)

Have you noticed that there are certain individuals who seem to be more charming than others?

It could be their charming grin, razor-sharp humor, or simply the fact that they’re pleasant to be around. You’re not sure why but you just find them appealing. What if there are things you can twist a little about yourself that can attract others while staying true to yourself? In this article, we’re gonna discuss 8 things that will make others like you immediately.

1. Have a healthy sense of curiosity.

Curiosity is one thing that can make you seem like an ideal friend to others, and they will feel more comfortable confiding in you. Why does knowing about their interests help make others like you? Being curious about things outside of yourself helps people see the world through your eyes, which can make them more interested in you. If someone is able to connect with your inner world through their curiosities, they will feel more attracted to you.

2. Be confident.

Building confidence is easier said than done. If you want people to see you in a positive light, it’s time to let yourself shine. But how do we do it? It’s important to identify the areas you’re already confident in and the areas you aren’t. For example, do you feel confident in your knowledge in certain a subject? Do you struggle with public speaking? List them down. Next, think about situations that made you feel empowered. Once you’ve identified areas where you’re already confident, focus on them and re-tap those emotions in areas you may lack confidence. 

3. Listen more, talk less.

Most people tend to think it’s better when they take center stage in any situation, but you’re actually doing yourself a disservice if this is the case. Being able to listen attentively is an excellent trait that will make others like you more since it proves your interest in them. To add to this point: saying too much without letting others talk may also decrease your likeability factor.

4. Don’t be rude.

This is pretty straightforward but can be relatable to some people out there who have a tendency of being critical about others. Not only will being rude make others dislike you immediately, but it’ll also reflect on how you see yourself as well– thinking that everyone else is beneath you or something along those lines. If you’re considerate of others’ feelings, they are less likely to think ill of you and instead respect your opinions more since they know that you’re not just passing judgments. You may ask, how to avoid rudeness? Well, focus on this mindset of giving opinions or suggestions after you’ve listened and understood someone’s situation entirely. Choosing your words wisely before giving assertions in a considerate tone towards others so that people don’t feel like you’re being critical and offending them. Simply put, to make your words sound friendlier, comprehensible, and tolerable, you may add, “Here’s my opinion…”, “May I propose/suggest that…”, “Is it okay if I advise you about something…”, “This is just solely based on my idea, but I believe that sth can be done in an accommodated manner…”. With this practice, any arising conflicts and misunderstandings can be significantly reduced and resolved in a respectful way between individuals. Ultimately, people like you more for being approachable.

5. Maintain healthy personal boundaries.

When your significant other doesn’t respect you enough to keep your opinions and feelings in mind, it can sometimes lead to breakups or messy divorces. Being able to maintain healthy personal boundaries with friends and family seem like common sense, but it’s also something that helps make others like you more. People understand respecting one another’s opinions, but if you’re unable to stand your ground when you feel like someone needs to hear what you have to say about a certain issue, then people will dismiss you for how easily influenced you can be.

6. Be kind.

One thing that makes people become more attached to you is when you do things for them without expecting anything in return– also known as being selfless. It’s easier for others to form meaningful relationships with you who are actually nice and caring compared to those who put little effort to help out the less fortunate.

7. Maintain depth within your relationships.

You can have a lot of friends or acquaintances that will become your “friends,” but having depth within the relationship is something that allows people to relate with you on another personal level. This means being open to one another, telling each other everything because it’s not just about being friendly for the sake of maintaining social interactions. You have to be honest when you build friendships since there’s nothing worse than knowing someone who doesn’t even know their real self. Maintaining a significant relationship can easily forge trust with each other; thus, leaving them a deep impression on you and making you more likable.

8. Be humble.

Humble individuals generate more trust in people than those who convey an air of entitlement. This is probably because you don’t typically consider yourself superior to others, which makes you a great listener and also someone who is easy to relate with. You appreciate the life that you have while respecting the lives of others. With this, people tend to connect with your presence for just being humble and attractive.

You’ve probably heard these tips before, but it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself of them once in a while. Sometimes people who are so serious about their goal tend to forget that having fun with social interaction is also part of the journey– which is why you should maintain your good attitude towards life at all times. Sure, being kind and understanding can be hard for some since it takes a lot of patience, but that’s just one way to be more likable by others.

Other than this list, there are different tips that can help you have more meaningful relationships with other people without feeling left out from the crowd– so don’t hesitate to start doing things differently today! Thanks for reading!


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