8 Times Introverts are Misunderstood

Introverts are as well-rounded and layered as any onion out there. It doesn’t define you as a person, but it definitely explains why you act in certain ways. With some people, you can get a hint that they might be a bit introverted. With others, it’s really hard to tell because you don’t see the side of them most of us connote to someone being introverted. Here are some situations where an introvert could feel misunderstood about who they are!

1. When people think you’re shy

Contrary to popular belief, introversion doesn’t equate to being shy. You may be a quiet person, or you may like to spend a lot of time on your own, but that doesn’t mean you are in any way uncomfortable around other people. Confidence doesn’t have to be loud. Quite the opposite, it can take a lot of courage and confidence to be quiet and not feel the need to please others or seek validation by talking.

2. When people think you’re really outgoing

But actually, no, you’re not. You just happen to feel comfortable for whatever reason. Be it in the company of people you trust, because you’ve had a beverage with an effect, or because you feel passionate about something when meeting someone new. Maybe you’re a leader at work? You’re talking loudly and you might find yourself in the center of attention. Then you meet the person a second time or in a different environment and, well, the comment: “You’re a lot quieter than last time” isn’t unusual for you to hear.

3. When people think you’re a bookworm

Just because you like spending a lot of time on your own, doesn’t mean you spend the time reading. Books might not be your thing at all, yet most people assume it is due to your introversion.

4. When people think you’re boring

You have all the “typical” interests the “typical” introvert would have. It doesn’t mean you’re not a joy to be around! You’re witty and smart and act like a crazy person half of the time. People who you don’t let in to see that part of you are just missing out. You tend to share your awesomeness with the people who truly deserve it.

5. When people think you only like the weather when it rains

Sure, you don’t mind a good storm. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have a perfectly valid reason to stay inside. But you like going out in the sunshine as much as the next person. You’re introverted, not a vampire.

6. When people think they can run all over you

Because you’re a bit quiet in most situations, people might not consider your determination or stubbornness. You don’t choose to speak all the time if things are going well, and there’s no reason to talk just for the sake of it, but if there’s a moment you don’t agree with something, you will have no issues voicing your opinion. (Also, the pleasure of seeing the surprised face of someone who thinks you don’t know how to even speak is always priceless. Two birds with one stone, I say).

7. When people think you’re unhappy or in a bad mood

You’re just quietly sitting there thinking to yourself or following a conversation your peers are having. You’re not joining in and you’re sporting a frown with an intense look in your eyes as you reflect on what they’re saying… yep, they will definitely ask you if everything is okay. (And they are, you’re just sitting there!)

8. When people think you can’t have an outgoing job

You might prefer something that doesn’t need you to be super outgoing and bubbly all the time because it tends to tire you out, but you know how to put an act on if it’s necessary. You gotta do what you gotta do to perform at work. And if that is casually chatting up potential customers or holding/engaging in meetings, then yes, you will do it. Because introversion doesn’t make you incapable.

Which ones of these do you relate to?


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  1. The introduction to this article was really great and got my attention! It was funny, concise, informative, and told me what I was going to read about, which is exactly what an introduction should do. I enjoyed reading your article because of how to-the-point it was. I think one quality in introverts that is often overlooked is that although they may not talk much in certain environments, when they do talk it will be remembered. People think that being an introvert is a weakness when all it really is is a preference. Just like extroverts are able to hang out by themselves, introverts have the same capabilities when it comes to socializing. I think many of the things that you mention in your article are stereotypes.

    I really enjoyed reading your article and you had a great introduction!

    1. Absolutely! It’s important to not mistake introversion for weakness because it’s not the same and it gives us a rep we don’t deserve. We can do anything an extrovert can do but like you said, it’s about preference. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  2. Introverts are very misunderstood. People take what they see at face value when in reality, for an introvert, that is really not what is happening. I really got what I came for after reading the article. I enjoyed reading it because I can relate to the situations presented and I’m going to show this to all the people I know who keeps asking or telling me that I’m a killjoy, or shy, or even if I’m mad when they haven’t done anything wrong. Hopefully they’ll understand me more if I show them this article. It really explains everything that I normally face. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone. The title is eye catching as well so the people I’ll show this will most likely be interested in reading this.

    1. Yeah, I think a lot of introverts are often misunderstood because most people (even introverts themselves) often stereotype introverts and think we’re all the same. But if one think of all the introverts they know, they’d realize how different they all are. Thank you for your comment!

  3. An introvert myself, I admire how the combination of the author’s written style, and of the relatable yet informative content has resulted in an effective article. In fact, the author makes use of point-by point subtopics that get straight to the point without necessarily uninteresting the reader with unnecessary information, Additionally, those readers who are introverts will without a doubt find interest in the truthful signs and perhaps even feel some pride in being the way that they are. As for those readers who are extroverts, they will also find this article equally interesting, provided that it puts an end to their misconceptions about introversion.

    Despite the coherency of this article, adding testimonials from both introverts and extroverts might have been colorful, especially if readers wished to see both personal and external conceptions of introversion.

  4. A very insightful article that really dispels the stereotypes people often have about introverted people! Especially the one about introverts only enjoying rainy weather or reading books!
    Some introverts love to take solitary walks along the beach or the park on a nice warm day, and some introverts prefer watching movies or cooking on their own instead of reading. There is no singular type of introvert. Each one has their own quirks and hobbies, but they simply prefer to be on their own for a while.
    It’s easy to mistake an introvert as someone who is passive, but this article clears that notion up as well! If we have nothing to say, we won’t say it; but if it goes against what we believe in or if what the other person says is wrong, we won’t hesitate to give our opinion.
    Furthermore, society likes to portray introverts as being incapable of basic every day functions such as going to the grocery or talking to other people. This leads to the idea of introverts being lazy or constantly having low energy (being a downer), which is far from the truth.
    Introverts are funny and energetic when they need to be, and they are perfectly capable of going to the grocery or booking a doctors appointment. That line “introversion doesn’t make you incapable” really stuck with me, and is a concept a lot of people need to come to understand.


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