8 Wellness Benefits of Exercising Outside

Working out is what most of us plan on doing as soon as the new year arrives. It is one of the most popular resolutions. While it does work for some people, others can hardly take time out to stretch a muscle in the gym. A primary reason for this is the timing of the gyms. Most of our day gets caught up in working and when we’re free and in a mood to workout, there’s no gym to let us in. 

But that doesn’t mean that there are no other ways around. Have you ever thought about exercising out? Not inside a closed space, not in a gym, but out in the fresh air where there is enough oxygen to circulate inside you and keep your body healthy. There are several health advantages to exercising outside.

  1. Antidepressant:

When you get yourself out in the open, even for a walk, if not exercising, it does help a lot with reducing your stress and giving you a better perspective towards life. Walking does not solve issues but it does give you the much-required energy and courage to face your worries and problems with a new perspective. Inhale the fresh air and exhale all the stress you’ve been holding on to.

2. New challenges:

Exercising outside helps you break the mundane routine. You can choose different locations to work out and if you have decided to take a walk, you can discover new roads each day. If you have walked 5 km of a distance today, consider walking an extra kilometer tomorrow. Challenge yourself to outperform yourself. Also, when you go out, you can take inspiration from others and the places you see. New people, new places and new adventures keep you motivated and make you look forward to the future.

3. Variety:

Sometimes for some when they decide to go for a walk in the same places always, it might feel very much similar to walking on a treadmill. But when you’re on the treadmill, you might feel stuck in a routine. You keep walking only to reach nowhere. That’s why visiting new places and choosing different routes whenever you can it’s the key element in making walks refreshing and meditating. If you bring variety to your walk, you will be curious and engaged in the sceneries around. Not only burn calories but your mind will be at peace as well.

4. No pressure:

When you go to the gym, you have a target fixed for yourself, either to gain weight or lose weight in a given time. When you fail to achieve the target, the pressure starts to build and sometimes demotivate us. The pressure does not help with your mental health. But when you exercise out, it does not seem like a task, but an enjoyable part of the day that you spend with yourself.

5. Social interaction:

When you go out for a walk, you have people around you. You meet new people, interact with them, learn new things about them as well as yourself. Social interaction helps you feel more secure about yourself. Also, since it reduces the feeling of loneliness, you might make new friends and reduce social anxiety. Social interaction presents multiple ways how it can be beneficial for your mental health.

6. Free of cost:

In the gym, one needs to pay a handsome amount to buy the membership. Most gyms ask you to buy separate shoes for your gym and a diet plan. Hence, we end up investing a lot of money in gyms. While if you were to exercise outside, it is free of cost. You can use as much space as you like and without any membership. If you want to use gym equipment, then you can consider investing in gym equipment and building your own garden gym where you can invite friends and family over for a workout session together.

7. Teamwork and sportsmanship:

One can choose to invest their time in sports and get involved in sports clubs like football, basketball, volleyball, etc. This not only helps them in burning the calories but also helps in learning some important values like team spirit, cooperation, sportsmanship, and dedication. Engaging in sports will not only help you in your physical health but in your mental health as well since you will have fun while playing and also build new relationships.

8. Less suffocation:

Since you’re working out in the open, there is lots of fresh air around you to breathe. When you’re working out in a closed space like a gym, the space becomes congested and leads to suffocation. Also, most people sweat excessively in the gym, which leads to a stinky odor. While in the open air, you will feel free and clean of all the pressure from indoor air.


Exercising out has a lot of benefits. One can relieve their stress by taking a walk. It allows you to challenge your body in different ways. Each walk is a new experience and you can discover new roads each day. It allows you to meet and interact with new people which reduces stress and you gain a new perspective towards life. It will definitely be beneficial to your mental health. It is free of cost, unlike the gyms. Although, you can still invest in some gym equipment if you want. You can get involved in sports like football, basketball, etc. Also, open spaces are less congested compared to gyms.

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