4. Living alone? No problem

There is some attraction to the idea of living on your own and facing the world all by yourself. It means you’re a badass if you do so, right? But who will comfort you at night when you hear a thump in the living room downstairs, or who will help you figure out taxes and real-estate? Living alone, although it’s empowering, can get a bit boring or scary, but not to an introvert. A loner can easily survive in the quietude of an empty house. Being alone most of the time turns you into an independent person, whether emotionally, socially, financially…


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  1. your article is very informative and interesting.I think i agree that at times we misjudge others for who they are. we judge people on different basis such as the clothes they wear and how they talk. but at times we are wrong.

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Written by N.A.A

I'm Noura and I'm a collector of books (it's borderline hoarding at this point.) I'm also a writer for psych2go. I mainly write about introverts and other oddities. It's not too startling that psych2go is growing, for psych2go understands what it means to be different and celebrates it. I just want to contribute as much as I can to psych2go's growing audience.

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