9 Signs Negativity Could Be Seeping Into Your Life

The rollercoaster of life looks different for everyone; but no matter what, it will have both highs and lows. How we react to these fluctuations play a big part in dictating our overall enjoyment of life. 

One way in which you can maximize your potential for a happy life is to surround yourself with positive energy and people.

The Law of Conservation in physics and chemistry states that energy can neither be destroyed nor created; rather, it can merely be transferred. Thus, suffice it to say, you have been surrounded by energy, whether it be good or bad, since the second you were born. That being said, everyone also radiates their own energy. It is important to be mindful of what kind of energy we each exude, but it is also crucial to be aware of the energy surrounding us. 

In this article I will be sharing 9 signs you are being consumed by negative energy.

1. Frequent Mood Swings

It could be just your hormones-or-it could also be that you are being overwhelmed with negative energy, events, or people in your everyday life. It may be difficult for one to release said energy immediately in a healthy, conscious manner, so this energy may often resurface through emotional turbulence.

2. Glass Half Empty

The way you perceive life can often be indicative of your mental well-being; extended periods of sustained pessimism are also linked to a multitude of sleeping disorders, heart disease, and depression. Ever heard of the saying “You become who you hang around most.”? Well, there may be some truth in that. Negative people often subscribe to the worst possibilities in life, and they may subconsciously be urging you to do the same. 

3. Social Media Junkie

You always have an inclination to check the latest Tweet, Instagram post, or Snapchat. Overconsumption of social media prompts us to compare and can often lead to unhealthy addiction. You may not be aware of it, but negative energy often finds its way into our laps through the social media updates of celebrities, brands, and even friends. 

4. Discouraging Thoughts

Do you often find that your harshest critic is your own brain? Negative self-talk, such as “I look terrible in this.” or “I just can’t do it.”, can severely impair your self-esteem and limit your potential in the long run. It is important that we take precautions to put up a barrier to negativity before it taints our core. 

5. You Feel Anxious Often

Think about the times in which you feel the most anxious. What triggers it? Do you feel particularly down in one environment compared to the other? It is important that we stay vigilant of how certain places and people impact us. It is also crucial for our wellbeing to also find a setting of safety and comfort to let loose in if being in the previous environment is unavoidable. 

6. Your Funny Bone Hasn’t Been Tickled in a While

When is the last time you’ve laughed? Humor and laughter are often underappreciated, but they are key to living a happy, fulfilled life. It may be difficult for us to indulge in a funny joke when we are consumed by a negative comment someone has made earlier that day.                

7. You’ve Stopped Working on Your Hobbies

Has it been difficult lately for you to find motivation to complete projects or work on a hobby? It could be that you’ve been preoccupied with stress and negativity. Your hobbies and genuine interests should provide you with relaxation and an escape from the noise of the world, but when it no longer does, perhaps your surroundings have reached a toxic level of negativity.

8. Extended Periods of Isolation

Do social events that once appealed to you lose their luster? Maybe your previous social experiences have dissuaded you from stepping out of your house. It is important for us all to maintain a healthy social life, and to do so, it is beneficial to find your scene-a location or set of people you find yourself truly comfortable in or with. 

9. Environment of Gossip

Do you often find yourself in a pandemic of gossip? Even if it is not about you, gossip not only reflects poorly on its teller, but it can make you self conscious and more negative. Beware of mean-spirited conversations in general, and try not to engage in them yourself.

Do you frequently experience some of the symptoms listed above? If yes, perhaps it is time to reevaluate some of the relationships. Being negative once in a while is natural, but prolonged negativity is an unhealthy habit that can dampen your spirits and greatly reduce your satisfaction of life. It is important to remember, life is too short to remain trapped in a bubble of negativity and toxicity. 

We hope this article helps you cleanse some negativity from your life.

Thanks for reading!


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